I didn’t have much going on this weekend. Have any of you heard of the new Cinderella movie? Apparently Cousin Rose from Downton Abbey plays Cinderella. So for any of you Downton fans…:) It is now my favorite out of four movies; my other favorites being Letters to Juliet, Into the Woods, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and of course Cinderella. Anyway, I loved this version of the fairy tale. It was very original while still staying with the story line. You will just have to go and watch it! Let me know what you think:)

On Saturday morning, my mom and I met some old friends at a coffee shop close to our house. The daughter is my age (finally!!!) and will be doing the College Credit Plus program with me next year. She has been home schooled all the way through. We are both excited to have someone we know in the SAME grade going to the SAME school. Can you even fathom the idea? Ha, ha! Now you know just how pathetic my life is:D No…but yeah!

Later that day, I had a French lesson with my grandma. J’ai quelquefois mal a la tete de francais But it was still fun. My mom picked me up, and we went and sat with my Aunt, cousin, and Noni at a golf course restaurant. They had already eaten so we just talked for a bit before going to her house for more talking! And of course Trivia Crack. Guys! I am on the last episode of Psych! It will be a sad day when I finish it!

Sunday morning, we went to church. That afternoon, I had a ‘nap feeling’ and decided to lie down. But like every other time I try to sleep in the afternoon I just stayed there for awhile and then got up because I was bored:) I managed to take a picture for you. It is a skill that I am slowly developing. It will get there:) Sorry, if I had taken more pictures the post might be more exciting for you.

Way to tired for anything but this:)

Way to tired for anything but this:)








We headed on over to Noni’s house so that I could submit some online work. Yes, I stayed in my yoga pants and long sleeve tee all day. It was heavenly:)

Well, that’s it. Not a very exciting post, but I have more in store for you this week. Stay tuned!

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