30 Day Workout Challenge

Happy Monday all:)

This morning for breakfast, I had eggs with sausage and strawberries with milk. If you have never put strawberries in a bowl of milk, go try it. It could be a dessert if you wanted to! Or breakfast. Breakfast works too:) That breakfast kept me full until lunch. I was very surprised. Usually I get hungry mid-morning. Maybe it was a one time thing, but I am doing the same thing tomorrow!

My mom found a new yogurt when she was out grocery shopping this weekend. If you know me, then you know that I love yogurt! It is my go to snack. This one is from Chobani. It is chocolate hazelnut flavored. YUM. I love it!

Sorry for the blur...my phone doesn't take very good pics:)

Sorry for the blur…my phone doesn’t take very good pics:)


I wanted to find a fun sort of workout to do. I don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over and eventually getting bored with it. So I pinterested (new verb guys!) ‘fun workouts’. I found a neat 30 day challenge from Shanti Landon’s Life Made Full blog. I am definitely a level one! Even level one looks challenging! But I am going to give it my  best shot. I’m not sure if I am able to copy  the challenge here legally so this is the direct link to her post. Go check it out!

Do any of you know if it is legal to copy paste something from another blog (not a picture) without their permission, as long as I provide a link? I know I can link to another blog with no permission.


Questions: What is your favorite snack food? What breakfast do you eat to keep you full until lunch?

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