A Very Special Baby Shower

My very precious middle school teacher, Mrs. E, is having a baby! She already has 3 kids-her oldest is a year younger than me and her youngest is in 4th grade. Baby girl Deanna is coming in February!! My friend, Lindsey, and I decided that we should host a surprise shower for her.

So we did! We split up what to bring and asked a mom at school to bake the cake. I did a hot chocolate bar and Chex mix for the rest of the food. We had decorations and party favors and a few fun games.

She was so, so surprised. I am surprised that the teachers kept it a secret from her for so long:)

For our games:

  1. We had a diaper bag with baby items in it. The guests had to blindly feel around in the bag and write down as many items as they could identify in 2 minutes. Whoever wrote down the most correct items got a chocolate bar.
  2. Everyone got a clothespin when they walked in. If anyone said ‘baby’ or ‘Deanna’ then the person who caught them could steal their pin. The goal was to have a many pins at the end of the party. Winner got a chocolate bar.

For the chocolate bars, we colored in the ‘SHE’ letters on a Hersheys bar since she is having a girl. Oh yes, Pinterest was our friend for the entire shower.

For the ‘Guest books’:

  1. Everyone used sharpie to write a little note to Mrs. E on a diaper. These went into a ‘Late night diaper changing’ basket. Everyone wrote something like “Joy comes in the morning” or “This too shall pass” Someone wrote “Thanks Mom and Dad. One day I will be changing yours!” 🙂
  2. We passed around a white onesie with fabric markers for everyone to sign their names so Mrs. E will always remember who was there.

For the food:

  1. I created a hot chocolate bar with crock pot hot chocolate, chocolate covered pretzel rods, and toppings-chopped Andes mints, butterscotch candies, peppermints, milk chocolate, marshmallows…and something I can’t remember now. It was a hit!
  2. I made Chex mix. Yum!
  3. A mom made the cake. So cute! AND SO DELICIOUS.
For the favors:
I made a ton of chocolate covered pretzels and rollos on pretzels and put them into favor bags. I spent all day getting ready for this, and it was worth it 😀
She was so surprised and honored that she started crying:( 🙂
We Mrs E.jpg

We moved onto gifts eventually.


I had made her a rag quilt for the baby. I think she liked it:) I used minky fabric for the back to make it extra soft.


This is the mother (again) to be with her youngest kid. Aren’t they cute:)


Sadly, I had to leave a little bit early to go babysit. I mean! Sad because I didn’t want to leave, but great because I love babysitting these boys:)

We took a final picture. That is Lindsey and Mrs. E and me.

mrs e and us.jpg

I am so happy that she loved the shower we put together! I am glad that we could do this for her before she has her baby.

By the time this is published I will have finished my exams! Yeeeessss!!! I can finally breathe normally again:)








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