A Little Story

May I just say how happy I am for someone to be reading this?! okay, thank you much:) Oh yes, I would like to welcome you to my blog. I’m Becca Rychener.


Now I am sure lots of you are wondering why this blog is called “Healthy in High School.” My intentions at the beginning of the blog were to hold myself accountable and possibly motivate others to start living and eating healthier. As the months went on, it kind of evolved away from that and more towards life in general.

I would say that I am a generally healthy person who loves chocolate-for better or for worse. So this blog turned away from how I am ‘healthifying’ my life to my life happenings and advice I have for other high school students like myself.

You see, I am a Senior in High School taking part in Ohio’s College Credit Plus (CCP) program. I highly encourage those who are in high school to look into this program. I won’t go into a lot of detail here–check out the page linked above!

I have a lot of different tips and advice up inside my little brain and sometimes it all comes out in a tidal wave of ramblings…

This past summer, I graduated from Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio’s CILT program which is a training program to become a counselor. An intense 3-year program that tests just about everything that you have in you. I am proud to call myself a camp counselor now!

So right now, my life is kind of run by college research, school work, and about a thousand other commitments.

If you stick around I hope that you’ll get some semblance of what it is like in a Northern Ohioan High School student’s life. I have a lot of crazy stories to tell so please SUBSCRIBE so that you never miss a post!

Now that you know what you’ll get out of reading this, why not give you some details about my life? I know that is something that I look for when I visit a blog. Life history and, oh yeah, pictures! [Disclaimer: I suck at writing ‘about’ pages. So please smile and pretend that you like it! Unless you hate it…]

I spent my Kindergarten through 8th grade years attending a small, private, Christian school where my mom is now head teacher. Then she homeschooled me for my Freshman and Sophomore years of high school. Now I am a Senior , and attend the local university branch to get college course credit for free!

Fun tidbit: I have never actually taken a class at a public high school. So don’t expect any of that kind of advice:) Sorry!

I plan on pursuing medical school one day in the future. But right now, I have to focus on getting into a good undergrad institution. You can visit my college visit page for more information on that front. I have been shadowing various people in the healthcare field over the past few years. I have had many wonderful experiences that have left me wanting to work in medicine right away!

I am a book fanatic and a new country music addict.

I am learning guitar, and I play at camp.


I really do love school, but man that math just gets under my skin! Like I said, school is kind of my full time job right now..



Sorry about the terrible lighting…

I ride horses…Western for now, but hopefully hunt seat very soon.

You could call me a crafty person…LOL. I do enjoy sewing and making homemade gifts and the like, but I am not a very patient person once I have to ‘frog it’ more than once. I would rather be writing one of my books in progress or…taking pictures apparently.


But if I am making a personal gift for someone, I am much more likely to put up with my apparent lack of sewing skills.

I could tell you so much more about myself! But somehow I am guessing that anymore of this would get kind of dry and boring.

So without further ado, I formally welcome you to my blog and invite you to peruse the posts. You would make my day if you subscribed!


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