Beautiful Weather

Happy Sunday! I have been really busy these past few days. So my blogging goal is to post something at least 3 times a week. If I have extra time, I will get another one in there!

The weather here has been so pretty. Warm one day, rainy, cool. A mix of weather, really. On Thursday, I went for a gorgeous run from my house to my grandma’s (we call her Noni, so when I say ‘Noni’ that is who I mean!)  house.

sunny run


That night, I made a pie for Pi day on Friday. It was a very yummy strawberry cream pie.

Everyone loved it!

Everyone loved it!

Friday was a teacher work day, so I brought my pie in for them to eat. I didn’t know if it would turn out. Instead of using fresh berries and strawberry gel, I used strawberry pie filling. But it worked and I will be making this again! I will get you the recipe later this week, full with pictures.

Yesterday, I had planned to have a French lesson, but my dog ran out of the yard. My sister and I looked for him for about 45 minutes. We were across the street and came back to the house to look somewhere else. We walked into the yard and the stupid dog was in the fence! He somehow got back in. But at least he is back:)

Around noon, my mom, aunt, Noni, and I drove down to an Amish fabric store. I got a cute little spice grater.

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?

That evening I babysat for my usual babysitting family and their pastor’s two kids. We had a lot of fun watching Monsters University, playing air hockey, playing legos, and eating ice cream sandwiches.

Today, after church, my grandma and grandpa took us out to Cracker Barrel.  I ordered yummy fried chicken, corn, and broccoli. Sorry, no pictures. I need to get better at this!! Now, I am getting ready to go to evening church.

There is my hurried recap of the past few days. I think I got everything. My next post will be the recipe and some workouts that I have done. Have a good day!

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