Bowling Green State University- College Trips #1

Good morning! As my first post in my College Visit series, I want to talk about Bowling Green State University. I have visited BG two times: one for a general tour and their business school, and one for their ‘First Look’ day. Let me just say, I fell in love with the school the very first time I visited as a potential student.

I live about an hour away from BG, and my former dentist practices in Bowling Green so every time we went for a dentist appointment, I convinced my mom or dad to take me to campus. I used to pack extra quarters in my bag so that we would be able to stay parked longer at the meter and therefore longer on campus. Ha, ha.

So anyway, when I first got there for my first real visit I didn’t want to go home! I don’t feel like that for every college I see either. So it isn’t like I am just overly excited to get to college:)

Anyway, lets get on with it. When I visited, I didn’t have my blog so I have no pictures. I’m sorry! It is a BEAUTIFUL campus though. Here is the website so you can go check out the beauty of this campus.

Things I love about it:
*Up and coming campus
*Good atmosphere
*Friendly people
*Good academics
*Faculty is knowledgeable
*Clean facilities
*Close to home
Things I do not love about it:
*Windy (Students ‘affectionately call it Blowing Green)
*No PA program (Only a handful of colleges around here actually have a PA program. They do have pre-med. So if I decide on the MD route, I could in fact go there)
*There is not much I don’t like about this school!

The first time I went, I was still interested in business. The first tour I took that day was just a general campus tour. They had us in a big conference room. The room was very professional. The admission counselor who gave the presentation was very bubbly and happy. I know they are supposed to be, but it does make a good first impression. The guide that took us on the campus tour loved his school. He was funny, open, and loud. He is majoring in ecological sciences so of course he talked to us about BG’s recycling system and clean energy, very impressive.

The business meeting was next. We met in one of the classrooms in the business school and the head of the department talked to us for about an hour. She was kind and involved the audience. She told us to tell everyone where we were from, our potential major, and why we were visiting. At first, I was so nervous about that! I hate talking in a group, especially with people I don’t know. But I kind of just zoned in on her and I was fine. She asked us several questions, and by doing that, she really made people feel comfortable.

As a part of the visit, they gave us coupons to one of their dining facilities. I loved the food. We ate at the restaurant called the Oaks. It is a buffet where you can pay to get in and stay all day. They even had a study lounge on the second floor!

The next trip I took, the ‘First Look’ day, drew me in even more. Along with me, hundreds of students and their parents walked around the entire campus. All of the different schools and organizations filled two huge rooms. Booth after booth of sororities, honor groups, and majors lined the walls. I stopped at several medical oriented groups and majors because by that point, I had my heart set on medicine. We attended several sessions on the honor college, and academic groups. Overall I was impressed with my visit because of the welcoming atmosphere, happy students, and abundance of handouts:)

Sometimes when I mention my interest in BG, people kind of just stare at me like ‘Why would you choose that school? You could go somewhere else…’ BG is a very up and coming school, like I said previously. They are hiring nationally known professors, updating their classrooms, and improving the aesthetics of the campus.

Over all, BG is high on my list. I plan to visit IUPUI, Butler, Ohio State (again), and probably others. If you have any questions or anything else to add to what I have said, email me or  comment below!


***Alright, I am giving three points to BGSU for the academic, opportunity aspect–research, student clubs, networking, class quality. I decided to take dock them 2 points just because it didn’t feel like research is readily available to undergrad students. Also because, compared to other schools, I don’t think I would have a great network when I left since it is not in or near a larger city. I could be completely wrong about that…I don’t know.

And I gave them a 4 for the campus feel because, overall, I thought it was a comfortable campus but I really am looking for a bigger city.



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2 thoughts on “Bowling Green State University- College Trips #1

  1. Ann says:

    Can’t wait for your visit to Indy! While I know you’ll probably end up in Ohio for school, it would be so fun to have you here!!!

  2. BeccaJR says:

    Yes, I am counting the days! I don’t know…Butler has a GREAT PA school. I would love to be there with you guys:D

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