Butler University- College Visit #3

Good morning! Lets get started on my third College Visit post in the series. First, though, some helpful links.

College Visit Page
Bowling Green State University– college visit post #1
IUPUI– college visit post #2

Butler University website

OK. Get ready for some gushing:) I am in LOVE with this school. I found it hard to come up with things I don’t like about it, we’ll see how I did.

Things I Liked:

Family campus
Smells good
Invested in students
Direct Access PA program

Things I Didn’t Like:


Well, I didn’t do very well on the ‘things I didn’t like list’. But I truly loved this university. This is the first campus I have been on to really feel a family atmosphere. Lots of colleges claim to be a ‘family’, but Butler really is. Our tour guide said ‘hi’ to a bunch of people we passed. She said ‘hi’ to the faculty, football players, and regular students. The students talked to us too. I really felt welcome. The campus is beautiful. Every campus I have visited is pretty, so this isn’t anything special, but it did make me love it more. It smells like my summer camp. I know it is silly! It isn’t a reason to go their, but it is a benefit. The admission process is really selective. Let me define that: the PA Direct Access program is really selective. More on that in a minute though. The university itself is selective too. They look at your grades and community service and involvement. If I get accepted, I know that they will want me to be there. The presenter actually said that there is no benefit to the university to ‘weed us out’ once we are admitted. That was encouraging. Once you are in, you really have to work hard at your classes. Yes, any college class is hard, but these classes seem top of the line. Now, onto the Direct Access PA program. I shouldn’t tell you everything here. If you want to know specifics, you can email me. Find my email address here. I’ll just say that only 30 students are let in for undergrad. That means I have 30 chances out of a couple hundred!

The one thing that really alarms me is the cost. It is private school tuition meaning two things: It is scary expensive. The cost is the same in state and out of state. This summer I plan to start researching/applying for scholarships. So the cost is not turning me off, it just presents another challenge.

I actually took some pictures this time!







They had coffee and hot chocolate and cookies for us in the waiting area before we started our session. They also had lemon water and strawberry water. Yum!

At Hinkle Fieldhouse

At Hinkle Fieldhouse

The took us to Hinkle Fieldhouse! We saw an actual football player. He was a tall person. (Go down to the bottom of the page I linked to find out about what it is like being short! HAHA)

Trip the mascot

Trip the mascot

We got to See Trip. The cute English Bulldog that is their mascot.

All of us got a Butler t-shirt too! It was so neat. It came wrapped in this tiny circular package. When I opened it, I hand to ‘break’ it apart. I think I might have to wash it before I wear it:) Butler knows what a small t-shirt size really is. Before, when I have said that I am a size small, colleges will give me a shirt that looks more like a medium. Arg! It is hard when a small barely fits me and the shirt isn’t even small! But Butler’s shirt is. We’ll see how it fits when I try it on:)

It is a bit wrinkled...

It is a bit wrinkled…

My final thoughts: Yes I will apply here. Yes this is my top choice school.

Does anyone have anything to add or any questions to ask?



***I’m giving a 4 for academics and opportunity. I only docked a point because research isn’t readily available–at least in my perception. Research is important to me in my college career, but it is not a deal breaker. I know that if I really want to find research opportunities, I can find people who will help me at Butler. And I give a 5 for campus feel. The instant I drove onto campus, I was in love:D


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