Catching Up

Hey there my wonderful readers! How were your weekends? I had a pretty fun one myself:) I will hold off on the details for now though. I am waiting for some pictures from a friend so that I can give a proper post.

So I won’t talk about my weekend yet…I will talk about my future plans! When I say future, I mean this week’s plans:)

I set up two Physician Shadowing dates. One of them is this week, one of them is in about a month. I can’t talk about any details, but I can share about my general visit. No names. No cases. So look for that post either Friday or Saturday.

Thursday evening, I have signed up for a First Aid/CPR class at the hospital. I have to take the class for CILT, and since I am going into medicine (hopefully) it is a good skill to have. It is a good skill to have for anyone:) That post will probably be combined with the shadowing post.

Saturday, my grandma, my mom, and I are going to a flute convention in Columbus. I don’t really know what to expect, but I know that there will be flutes on display and flutes for sale. That will be fun! Post for that Sunday or Monday.

And then on Sunday, I have my first flute concert with my flute group. I am kind of nervous though. I really have to practice hard! And that post will probably be combined with the flute convention post.

Wow! I feel like I am too busy. But I like busy:)

I have a confession. I have really slacked off of my fitness routine and good eating. I told myself that I would start today. So I am starting! I am looking for a good fitness routine that I can stick to. Any suggestions?


Questions: What does your week look like? Are you busy? Do you get a break this week? Do you like it when you are busy?

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