Just a quick update

Hello to everyone reading this:)

School has taken over my life once again.

It is a little bit crazy around here right now!

What were we doing...

What were we doing…


First day of school:)

I really enjoy my class schedule and professors this semester so even though it’s crazy, those are college classes for ya. And even though school is a big priority, I have been able to spend time with my counselor friends (who are another big priority) several weekends since school started. We have had great times hiking, eating food, playing Apples to Apples, and talking at various people’s homes.

It has been a fantastic senior year so far, in large part because of the time I get to spend with them. Camp people are special people<3

This coming weekend, I have the opportunity to visit my Ann Arbor friend on Friday. On Saturday we are going to a college visit together. After the visit we are driving down to Columbus for yet another camp party:) I think this is the most I have seen camp people outside of camp, ever. Pretty soon though we won’t see each other quite as much as life has a way of living. So we are taking every opportunity we can now.

I am still enjoying riding lessons and volunteering in the ER. I hope to start piano lessons again this week after summer break. I am also trying to spend as much time with family as I can. My school year life has begun–busy, stressful, exciting–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Michigan…and Michigan

Hi all! These past two weeks have been very busy for me with not a lot of time at home. First, I traveled up to Ann Arbor to visit a couple of my CILT girls. We worked on a lot of CILT work, and we feel like we got a lot done. We both finished all three of our lesson plans for the activities we are going to be teaching. My activities are outdoor cooking, hiking, and survival skills. It was a lot of work to plan activities, bible verses, rainy day activities, and prep materials for each day, but we made it through–thank goodness we were doing it together!

I spent three days up there, and we were basically working non-stop on CILT. If we weren’t working then we were talking about camp:) Can you tell that we are a bit obsessed? (In a good way!) We also took a shopping trip to Walmart to stock up on “counselor things.” We went a bit crazy with the yummy candles and fun pens.

A trip to Walmart with friends is always fun, but this time I was driving. Which would have been fine, if I had known the roads. Something different in big cities that I am not used to is the fact that lots of driving is done on the highway, just to do basic errands. Has anyone heard of “weave lanes?” They are things of evil! Basically what happened was I exited, but I exited right onto another lane of traffic that was exiting as well from another highway. Instead of just merging together, everyone had to switch lanes with each other. It was kind of crazy, but it worked. These are probably a lot easier than I am making them sound, but even my people who live up in Michigan say that they are really dangerous and hard to do.

Google images “weave lanes”

I also ran into a round about. I have seen them before, but I just think that they are more trouble than they are worth. That’s all:)

I also had my Camp Med up in Michigan this past weekend. I had probably the best time of my life. The camp was focused on Cardiology so we had a lot of hands on labs, including a dissection and practice with EKGs! We had class lectures as well because this was a 1 credit college class, technically. We stayed in the dorms and ate in the dining hall. In between class, we were able to scope out campus. The faculty was amazing and the camp leaders (also faculty) were so kind in showing us around campus and answering our many questions about the college. I fell in love with the college, so it is definitely high on my list, as well as their equestrian competition teams. Currently, I ride Western, but I really want to learn English. They have both teams, but I would love to compete hunt seat. So I talked to my riding instructor, and she agreed to start teaching me some showmanship and start teaching me hunt seat. The horse I ride does almost everything…including cross rails!!!!!! I am just so excited right now:) And I am excited about something other than school, so that feels good 😀

I have just a couple more weeks to complete my CILT work so that I can graduate and become a counselor! I am terrified, but also out of my mind excited. My camp director just sent us our “assignments”. I am going to be counseling the “Pilgrims”–3rd and 4th grade girls. They are the best:)

Now I am off to CILT work and volunteer in the E.R. this afternoon! Have a great day!

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The Past 5 Weeks

A few more than five weeks ago I posted a post with some pictures that perfectly described my state of mind at the time:). Since then, I went and returned from Spring Camp, started volunteering, went to school and studied whenever possible, and…FINISHED SCHOOL.

Let’s get into it shall we?

Spring camp turned out to be more of a soaking wet, freezing cold Winter Camp. However, we did get to have campfires and cook over a fire amid the snow hikes and near-ice fishing so I guess it all balances out. Despite the arctic temperatures, I was able to have a fantastic weekend with my camp friends.

It doesn’t look like it, but there was a lot more snow on the ground!

Then, the next weekend, I actually got to start my volunteering in the Emergency Room! I love it so very much. I volunteer every Friday in the afternoon, and every time I leave to go home, I am just so happy. it has made me want to be a doctor even more than I ever wanted to. I love interacting with the registrars and the patients/visitors.

Oh! I turned 17!! 😀 I  had a wonderful birthday day-day and weekends on either side of it:) The Sunday before, my family and I went out to dinner and then the weekend after we actually did presents and cake/ice cream.


Age of Adeline...my absolute favorite movie:D

Kaitlyn made me this beautiful photo album

Kaitlyn made me this beautiful photo album. I also got a Fitbit from my parents! But I didn’t have a clear picture of that.

Cake was really good...

Cake was really good…


And then came final’s week.

And then I wasted time taking pictures.


My mom showed me this video when she was helping me study for my Bio final. It is perfect for anyone in final’s week.

But I made it through…with all A’s. What a relief!

And then I finished school.


google images 🙂 School’s out, let’s scream and shout!!

google images :)

google images 🙂

I had an appointment with my guidance counselor the week after I finished, and he told me that the only classes I need to graduate would be Modern American History, Economics, and Physics. That is really exciting because now I can fill the extra spots in science!!

My classes for next semester: Anatomy and Physiology 1 (A&P), College Algebra 2, Computer Science, Modern American history, and Latin 3. Then I am hoping to take A&P 2, Econ, Physics, and Sociology in the Spring. I have been waiting to take A&P for several years now, so I am really excited–for all of my Senior Year classes!

I have applied to one college so far, I should get that decision this summer. The rest of my colleges are on the Common App which doesn’t come out until August 1.

I have a busy summer up ahead:

*Studying for my second, and hopefully last round, of the ACT and SAT.

* Camp Med: This is a three day camp in June for Juniors and Seniors. We get to stay on the college’s campus and work in their cadaver and Physiology labs, and work with faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Physics, and Psychology on topics that have to do with Cardiology. We also get to attend sessions about college and medical school admissions to figure out how to better prepare ourselves and our applications. Plus, I get college credit for this!

*Visit from Grandma Rychener!

*Summer Camp: I will graduate CILT and become a camp counselor! Lots of work between now and then to make sure that I will actually graduate, but finally all of this work is paying off.

So anyway…I took this past week to be on Summer vacation for real, and I will start the work for real this week:)







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Happy Easter Monday!

I hope all your Easters were fabulous. We had a really great day with family yesterday. It was a full house:) On top of the family and food, the weather was fantastic. 70 degrees, sunny, breezy. And then it rained last night. The ultimately perfect day.


See that gorgeous sunlight?


all three of us


happy Easter all!


I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me, but I was happy to have a nice weekend.

He is risen!!

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Right now

I officially have 5 weeks of school left. Of my junior year. Okay…technically, I have to finish this week, go for five more weeks, and then take my exam week. But let’s just 5 weeks!!! 43 Days!!! 1032 hours!!! 61,920 minutes!!! 3,715,200 seconds!!!

I am just in the mood for pictures right now. I’m taking a study break so I though I would post:D

My mood right now in pictures:


happy, happy, happy


only 5 more weeks! Summer, summer, summer<3


5 weeks, I can do this.


Wait. 5 more weeks? What. Here comes my slow death.




And I am just in a really random mood right now. But I had better get back to studying.

Oh! Dancing with the Stars started again this week! And so our Tuesday evening dinner and DWTS with Noni and C.C. has one again started. We’ve been waiting a long time for this:D

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My Crazy Week

Hi all! Another Monday. Another week. But another fun week.

For about the past month, my weeks have been very similar to each other. They look something like this:

Monday- School. Hurry home to change and head on up to dinner with the family at a cute little diner. Head over to horse lessons. Get home so that Mom and Dad can get my dad ready for the road. Collapse into bed, but probably not before watching an episode of Castle:)

Tuesday- School–my crazy busy school day. After Latin class go over to my piano students’ house to give two lessons before finally going home. Then after relaxing at home for a bit, we head on over to Noni and Aunt Cindy’s house for our dinner and DWTS night! Look forward to it every week:) (Who is your favorite couple… if you watch Dancing with the Stars? I can’t decide on my favorite, but Bindy and Derek are amazing!)

Wednesday- School, of course!. After my one class, I eat lunch with my friend (as I do everyday) and then head back to town and over to the hospital cafeteria to get some studying in. I stay there all afternoon and then around 5:15 I realize that I will be late to youth group if I don’t pack up right away and rush home. So I do. Then Kaitlyn and I go to youth group, have a great time, then, again, collapse into bed.

Thursday- Same old routine during the day. And then piano lessons in the afternoon. Flute choir with Grandma in the evening.

Friday- oh my beloved Friday. NO SCHOOL!! So, guess what I do? Study.

Somewhere in there I try to practice piano, flute, and guitar, complete CILT work, and study for my ACT in December. Oh and get to the gym. Whheww!


So this past week was basically like that…just more hectic because I had OGTS Mon/Wed/Fri and two exams on Thursday.  And I can’t forget the fact that I had to deal with these Latin adjectives…

Screenshot (52)

^My face exactly.

But I have to remember, “I choose joy…I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God.” -Max Lucado.

And of course…Screenshot (31)^probably the best thing I have ever read!! 😀

Today, I need to submit writing homework and take my Latin quiz. I had my Math OGTs this morning and will take my Science OGTs on Wednesday. Then I will have finished them all, and hopefully I will pass them all so that I do not have to take them again.

Have a fantastic Monday all.

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Horses, horses, horses

Hello!!! happy Tuesday morning to ya’ll:)

Guess what?! My sister and I started horse lessons last night 😀 EEEEE!!! As you can probably tell…I’m rather excited.

We didn’t get a lot of ride time in last night since it was our first night. We learned how to groom them and tack them. Sweet horses:)

My horse's name was Rico.

My horse’s name was Rico.


Stand still!

Stand still!




















Yesterday, I took my history midterm. I can’t believe how fast the semester is going!

Tonight, I start piano lessons with the same student I had last year. They live right down the road from school so I am going to give her lessons at her house every Tuesday. I’m glad:) I missed doing it.

Next Monday (!) is the first Model UN meeting. It is a no commitment info meeting. We’ll get info packets and a ton of answers:) Can’t wait.



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Sunday Morning Catch-up

Happy Sunday morning all!

I will be going to church in about an hour, but I thought I would just pop in this morning. I start school tomorrow. My first day of ‘college’! (I love calling it that:) )

Yesterday we shopped for clothes and school supplies. I finally figured out how I am going to organize myself with binders and notebooks etc. I Googled it and Pinterested it, and I used a lot of different ways to create my own way. I will be posting this week about that. I want to make sure that it works for me first! I think that it will though.

I’m getting really nervous about school tomorrow. Yesterday, I walked my class route and picked up my final book from the campus bookstore. I have no idea what to expect and everything is new and that makes me very excited. Yet still nervous:) I’m praying that I will just figure it out and have a lot of fun.


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July 4th Weekend

Happy Monday! Did you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend? I did, for most of it:)

On Friday, my mom and I spent all day at the racetrack near our house. (It is a fundraiser for the school.) We got there at 8am and did not leave until 10pm. We were ushers for their national racing event. Then on Saturday we were there from 8am until 3pm. We got very sunburned, and we were very sore. Please explain to me why people spend $50plus to see cars race down a 1/4 mile track time after time after time.

Anyway…:) On Saturday, after the ushering, we headed on down to one of our family friend’s house. They have a beautiful house down near Ashland, set in the woods, landscaping, relaxing. We ate dinner there (always tons of food!) and then drove over to the Ashland balloon fest. The balloon there are very neat to watch. We just stayed to see the balloons rise into the air, and then we went back to their house. We made a fire, made s’mores, and set off fireworks. He accidentally bought mostly smoker fireworks, but we also had poppers, sparklers, and some other kind of popper.

On Sunday, we went to church and then relaxed the rest of the day. We watched the final Hobbit movie. It is good, if you know the story, then you should watch those and the Lord of the Rings movies! But I also recommend reading the book first.

Tomorrow, I have a fun game day planned at the school. I am inviting incoming, current, and past students from my school to come and play games and eat snacks with me. I have to teach a number of games from my game file for CILT, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Speaking of camp, I get to go off to camp next week! This time next week, I will be in Bible Ex (Bible Exploration time) with my cabin, probably with my stomach growling, ‘It’s time for lunch!!!’ This is the part of the summer that I wait for every year.

This week, we are going to clean out our room. Get rid of lots of clothes, just put our mattresses on the floor, get rid of a bunch of junk, make it nicer in there.

I have some work to do to get ready for tomorrow and for camp, but I think I will get outside today. My garden really needs to be weeded and watered. I don’t know about where you live, but for the past several weeks it has rained so much, and then about the middle of last week, it just stopped. Now I have to water, and water, and water:) Oh, well.


What did you do for your weekend? Anything special?


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Supporting my Camp Family

Hi guys. A few days ago, one of my great friends from camp texted me. She told me that one of our counselor’s twin sister was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Let me tell you, word spread fast around the camp people:) Soon, that friend had shared it on our camp group text. Another camp friend shared a link to support her by buying a t-shirt. I just want to ask as many people as possible to pray for her. Her name is Jackie.

They have raised a lot of money and have sold way over their t-shirt goal. So again, I just ask that you all pray for her healing and comfort. Also that the doctors will know what they are doing:)

That’s all for right now. Thanks guys:)


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