Albion College: College Visit #6

Happy Saturday! This is just a quick post today.

This is the college where I attended Camp Med back in June. Some key highlights of Albion:

  1. Equestrian team
  2. outstanding pre-med advisors
  3. comfortable campus
  4. liberal arts

Some things I didn’t enjoy:

  1. Not near a city per se
  2. small
  3. does not have a church near by

Albion is also an amazing school–academics, students, faculty. Not much I can say against it. One of the biggest draws is their equestrian team.

Albion and Hope are similar in size and academics. I am not sure which I would choose between the two.

Right now, I am really considering if I want small vs. big, urban vs. rural, state vs. private. Every school has its pros and cons. Do I want to go to a state school in Ohio and graduate almost two years early using my CCP credits? Is it worth it to go out of state for four years instead? There are arguments for both. Money and time…

I am not making any decisions now. I’m waiting for all of my decisions to come out and then the financial aid packages before I set my heart on one particular school. Of course, I have a school that comes out on top when I consider my options, but that school has changed several times in the last few months, so I won’t say it now. I have a lot to think about. Quite honestly I would be happy to go to any school on my list: OSU, BGSU, Wittenberg University, Butler University, Albion College, and Hope College. All have strong academics, inviting campuses, close to home, encouraging faculty. It will be a hard decision to make in the end:)

That’s all for now!

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Hope College: College Visit #5

Here is the next college visit post promised from yesterday. I made a visit to Hope College in Holland, Michigan several weekends ago. This was my first overnight visit, and I FELL IN LOVE with yet another college.

Despite having to park half a mile away from the admissions office (and making that trek countless times…), sore feet, a dying phone, eating lunch alone, and being low-key sick…it was a successful visit. I was able to talk with faculty in the kinesiology department, take a tour, and then stay overnight with student hosts.

My talk that I had with the kinesiology professor…I found out that at Hope I can no longer major in Athletic Training as a pre-med student (which was my plan). The athletic training gods in the sky have deemed it right to require that students go to grad school in order to become certified athletic trainers. Previously, students could get certified with a bachelors degree in Athletic Training. This rule takes effect in 7 or 8 years, but Hope is implementing it now to make it easier on their students in the long run. So I realized that I would have to major in exercise science in order to get the courses in anatomy and physiology and nutrition and such that I was looking for when I was considering athletic training. After I came to that realization, I had to then decide (or rather start the process of deciding) if an MD was in my future or athletic training instead. Obviously, I still have plenty of time to make that decision…however I am leaning towards majoring in Bio or Chem as a pre-med student and still pursue that medical degree and become a doctor.

Overnight visit…I had an amazing visit with these girls. There were three of them in a triple dorm, all sophomores and all friends from the previous year. They were all science majors too. They were the sweetest girls and took time to talk about school and life and answer my questions. They had a big group of friends that were all in a “science majors dorm” last year so there were a few extra girls that hung out with us for the weekend. They took me to downtown Holland (super cute!! Lots of shops, cobblestone streets…). We went to a volleyball game (I can’t remember who won…) We watched a movie and ate popcorn and made a late night donut run to a kind of sketchy donut shop on the edge of campus (a Hope College must-d0). Oh and we ate cereal for dinner (after eating being responsible and eating real food:)

Okay, on to the college itself…it is a small, Christian, liberal arts college about 10 minutes away from Lake Michigan. I found the people to be welcoming and friendly. The academics are high quality. The campus is beautiful with gorgeous facilities. Students are engaged with each other and their professors. Fun fact: the president of the college and his wife live in a house in the middle of campus. Actually live there! And they have fun events like donuts and cider on their back porch. Or the president will email students and invite them for dinner. Or his wife will invite students to bake cookies with her. How cool is that?!

So Hope is definitely high on my list, and I can see myself as a student there. I have successfully applied, and I should get my decision the week of Thanksgiving!



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Some Life Happenings

Hello all:)

This semester (and life in general) are flying by! I can’t believe that we had midterms last week, we are about a third of the way through October, and … I’m getting some college decisions already!


This is my second college acceptance (BGSU was my first) so far. Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.:D 😀

I haven’t actually visited this school yet, but I will be making a visit (probably) soon. Also in line for one last visit: Butler and OSU<–probably overnights. I have made my visits to Albion College and Hope College (both in Michigan) and those posts are coming this week.

It still seems weird to me that this time in my life is now. My mom and I finished the FAFSA yesterday, and I have gotten initial merit scholarships from Wittenberg and BG. It is all starting to feel real! I am going to be an (official) college student soon. What is life all of a sudden?! And since I have done CCP, if I choose OSU or BG, I will be applying to med school in 2 or 3 years…??!!

Besides all of that…I am enjoying all of my classes this semester, even my Algebra class to an extent. I don’t really have a favorite because my favorite changes a lot depending on how I am feeling about each class:) Anatomy is my current favorite though. We just finished the chapter on skeletal muscle<–how the muscles contract and relax and all the processes involved in that. We just started the chapter on the nervous system today. On Tuesday, we have our lab practical where we have to ID all of the bones and bony landmarks on the skeleton. I love the memorization!

This weekend, I get to visit my friend at college. Another friend will be going as well. Fun, fun. Also get a visit from Aunt Emily and Phil!! So I will have two college visit posts coming out this weekend: Hope and Albion. Talk to you soon!








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I have so much to say!!

Well hello there. I am safely home from my summer travels. I have graduated and am now an official camp counselor and a staff member of Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio!

My new name is Elf, for the Elf Owl.

elf owl.png

From Google Images- My bird. Adorable.


I know that sounds weird, but at our camp, all the counselors are known by bird names because there is a place in the Bible that talks about being cared for by the birds at the brook Cedar. Hence, counselors with bird names. It is a big deal, and the campers love trying to guess our “real” names:)

The four weeks I spent there this summer were simply wonderful. My CILT class became so close, as if we weren’t close before. We laughed and cried…and cried some more. Those girls are some of best and closest friends. We joke about how we only see each other for several weeks and a few days here and there each year yet we are insanely close.

I am so happy that I stuck with the program and met so many beautiful girls along the way.


Here is a picture of our graduation ceremony…I am behind the tree. !!?

cilt grad cake

And the greatly “envied” CILT grad cake picture

It’s weird…on the camp website, I look at all the previous CILT grad cake pictures, and they all look so much older than us. Are we really CILT grads now?

CILT grad take 2

My beautiful friends: Austra, Eskie, Sage, Blu, Spider, (Elf), Fin, Cinnamon, and Magnolia.


Our first time wearing those shirts that counselors wear on Saturdays when parents pick up their kids.



And now I am home. Back to life. School, college apps. College apps! I am so excited. I have waited for as long as I can remember–exaggeration…a VERY long time–for my chance to apply to college. I have been accepted to one school (Eep!) and am now working on the rest of my apps. I am close to being finished–> two more essays to write.

If I have one piece of advice for Seniors, start early and get finished early. That way Senior year can be fun as well!

I have two college trips lined up in September. One is an overnight visit that will include an admissions interview, and the other is just a regular tour and admissions overview group session. I am overly excited that I am finally to this point in my life, and I am ready to see where God takes me next.

Talk to you soon!!



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The Past 5 Weeks

A few more than five weeks ago I posted a post with some pictures that perfectly described my state of mind at the time:). Since then, I went and returned from Spring Camp, started volunteering, went to school and studied whenever possible, and…FINISHED SCHOOL.

Let’s get into it shall we?

Spring camp turned out to be more of a soaking wet, freezing cold Winter Camp. However, we did get to have campfires and cook over a fire amid the snow hikes and near-ice fishing so I guess it all balances out. Despite the arctic temperatures, I was able to have a fantastic weekend with my camp friends.

It doesn’t look like it, but there was a lot more snow on the ground!

Then, the next weekend, I actually got to start my volunteering in the Emergency Room! I love it so very much. I volunteer every Friday in the afternoon, and every time I leave to go home, I am just so happy. it has made me want to be a doctor even more than I ever wanted to. I love interacting with the registrars and the patients/visitors.

Oh! I turned 17!! 😀 I  had a wonderful birthday day-day and weekends on either side of it:) The Sunday before, my family and I went out to dinner and then the weekend after we actually did presents and cake/ice cream.


Age of absolute favorite movie:D

Kaitlyn made me this beautiful photo album

Kaitlyn made me this beautiful photo album. I also got a Fitbit from my parents! But I didn’t have a clear picture of that.

Cake was really good...

Cake was really good…


And then came final’s week.

And then I wasted time taking pictures.


My mom showed me this video when she was helping me study for my Bio final. It is perfect for anyone in final’s week.

But I made it through…with all A’s. What a relief!

And then I finished school.


google images 🙂 School’s out, let’s scream and shout!!

google images :)

google images 🙂

I had an appointment with my guidance counselor the week after I finished, and he told me that the only classes I need to graduate would be Modern American History, Economics, and Physics. That is really exciting because now I can fill the extra spots in science!!

My classes for next semester: Anatomy and Physiology 1 (A&P), College Algebra 2, Computer Science, Modern American history, and Latin 3. Then I am hoping to take A&P 2, Econ, Physics, and Sociology in the Spring. I have been waiting to take A&P for several years now, so I am really excited–for all of my Senior Year classes!

I have applied to one college so far, I should get that decision this summer. The rest of my colleges are on the Common App which doesn’t come out until August 1.

I have a busy summer up ahead:

*Studying for my second, and hopefully last round, of the ACT and SAT.

* Camp Med: This is a three day camp in June for Juniors and Seniors. We get to stay on the college’s campus and work in their cadaver and Physiology labs, and work with faculty from Biology, Chemistry, Kinesiology, Physics, and Psychology on topics that have to do with Cardiology. We also get to attend sessions about college and medical school admissions to figure out how to better prepare ourselves and our applications. Plus, I get college credit for this!

*Visit from Grandma Rychener!

*Summer Camp: I will graduate CILT and become a camp counselor! Lots of work between now and then to make sure that I will actually graduate, but finally all of this work is paying off.

So anyway…I took this past week to be on Summer vacation for real, and I will start the work for real this week:)







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Three weeks and 1 Day

Well, I have three more weeks of school. And I have less than 1 day until Spring Camp!!!!!!!! While the three weeks part is kind of giving me a nervous breakdown, I am ecstatic about heading out for Spring Camp this evening. Kaitlyn and I and our friend Katy are going, along with Katy’s younger brother and sister and two of their friends. This will be a very fun weekend:) And I get to see  a few of my CILTees and counselor friends. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and since it is near the lake, that could mean a lot of snow…oh well. It’s camp, so everything is OK:)

Today I will be camped out at my grandparent’s house (as we are dog and house sitting for them for a few days) doing a bunch of homework that I should be doing over the weekend.

I had the weirdest moment last night…

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a student ambassador from a college that I will be applying to telling me about a preview day coming up and how they got my ACT/SAT scores and that my class can start applying right now. I got off the phone and I was doing a little happy dance in my head, maybe it wasn’t so much in my head, I don’t know. But I have a “class”. I’m going to college next year! Next summer will be the summer before I go to college. Okay, anyway, I was really surprised that I can apply there now and that someone called me to tell me those things. In fact, I think I told my mom right then and there that it was decided, I’m going to that school. Which it’s not, but it was really nice:D

So then we went over to Noni’s house and I started my application!!!! I wasn’t freaking out or anything, it wasn’t any special type of application, just like the ones that I have filled out before for different summer programs and such. Then I got down to the part where it said “Personal Statement”. I looked at Mom and said, “What do I even write for this?” And she said, “This is your college application.” Or something of that sort, and then it hit me that THIS IS MY FIRST COLLEGE APPLICATION THAT I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT EVER SINCE MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

WIN_20160408_08_51_46_ProSo, needless to say, I haven’t actually applied yet. I am going to get a meeting with one of my guidance counselors to help me get that personal statement started.

Anywho, I just wanted to share that moment that I had with ya’ll. I know I just wrote a lot of rambling, but it sort of fits me right now:)

Have a good weekend. Stay warm!

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Happy Easter Monday!

I hope all your Easters were fabulous. We had a really great day with family yesterday. It was a full house:) On top of the family and food, the weather was fantastic. 70 degrees, sunny, breezy. And then it rained last night. The ultimately perfect day.


See that gorgeous sunlight?


all three of us


happy Easter all!


I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me, but I was happy to have a nice weekend.

He is risen!!

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CCP- Some Tips for MUN Delegates

Now I know that my Model UN trip was a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write out the things that I want to do better while preparing for next time. Maybe these things will help a first time delegate. Now I have no idea how to really go about doing these things, but these are the things that I wish I would have known about before going. Here goes:

  1. Figure out a way to learn the language used in real resolution papers.
  2. Learn about the real life council of whatever council you are on.
  3. Study your country in depth. Know what countries they are friends with, which countries they don’t like, and who they don’t really care about. Learn your voting preferences. Learn to really represent your country and not vote how you personally would vote.
  4. Learn recent treaties, laws, etc. your country has signed.
  5. Know what committees your country is on. For example: Spain is on NATO which I didn’t know:) So when the other NATO countries said, “Spain can we talk to you? We’re having a NATO meeting over here.” I was clueless!
  6. Learn how to think on your feet so that you can continually be on the speakers list. If you don’t know how to change what you are going to say dependent on other speakers, then being on the speakers list will be hard.
  7. Learn how to write resolution papers.
  8. Learn how to come up with ideas for resolution papers.
  9. Know how your government communicates with the citizens–are the citizens valued when making decisions? Are the citizens supportive of the government?

So there you go! I was on Simulation Security Council so some of these points definitely are more geared toward SimSec, but I bet that they would be useful for other committees as well.

Good luck!



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Day 1: Model UN

Hi guys! Today was so long–10 hours in session. But I have loved every single moment of my trip so far. Yesterday, we drove down here and I love car rides, but this one was so much fun. These people are great:)

My roommate and I were up until about 11:45 going over our notes for today and I was so tired when I finally got to sleep. Then we were up at 5:30 this morning (technically not out of bed until 6:00 though…)

We might not make it back alive though! If those elevators keep closing on us! Almost every single elevator we have walked into has closed on at least one of us. And now it is the running joke:) Among others.

But I guess I should talk about the conference itself…it is held at a pretty nice college here. They have free snacks and coffee and pop and water and such for us all day, which is amazing. They take it seriously so that it seems real, but it is a teaching conference, so if we make a mistake they just correct you and move on.

model UN

There is me looking all professional. Or so I hope:)

I plan on writing a real post about the convention and tips for future delegates and such, but that will come on Monday hopefully. Or maybe like in 2 years when I catch up on homework and sleep :p

Okay. I am absolutely exhausted right now:)

model un1

Good night!!

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The Thing About Cars

You see, the thing about cars is that, like most everything, when they work they are awesome, but when they don’t work they are a pain. Especially when they don’t work before class. In the rain.

Yesterday, after horse lessons, I got into my car to head to class, and Dad got into his car because he had to pick Kaitlyn up. Well, see, I tried to start it, and, well, it didn’t. It kept giving a grinding sound and would not start!! My stomach dropped.

We tried jumping it. No luck. So Dad had to drive me to my class. I made it just in time. Phew! After class, we put in new oil, but that didn’t help either. We tried jumping it again. Nope! By this time, it was about 7:30, dark, and rainy. We ended up having to call AAA to have it towed. At least I wasn’t on the side of the road and there was plenty of room in the driveway at the stables.

Now it is at the mechanic, hopefully being fixed so maybe I can get it back tomorrow? *Fingers crossed*

Well anyway, that was my day yesterday. LONG. But horse lessons were great! Cantering is the best, now that I am not scared for my life. 😀



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