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Before I get into the actual post, I promised you the answer to this question: Where is the Bob Evans HQ located? The answer: Rio Grande, Ohio. Now, you might be saying, ‘Ok…so what?’ (This is from my history teacher.) What I thought was funny about this was that Rio Grande, Ohio is pronounced RY-oh GRAND, Ohio. :/ Why couldn’t we have just kept it REE-oh GRAND-ay, I ask you?

Since I am now a CCP student–College Credit Plus–I thought that I would start putting up CCP advice posts. How to Study and get organized and transition to the college setting, etc.

I just wanted to start off with this new ‘line of posts’ by introducing CCP for anyone who doesn’t really know what it is.

Here is a great link to check out. It has a ton of resources about CCP.

CCP, in short, is a way for any student from grades 7-12 to take college courses to earn college and high school credit. They just added the 7th and 8th grade concept this year, and I am not clear on how that works. I just know that it is a possibility.

Any public university/college in the state of Ohio is now legally obligated to take part in the CCP. This includes accepting CCP students while they are in high school and accepting their credits when they apply to college.

In some cases, you are able to earn an associate degree along with your high school diploma. Most people I talk to however come within a few credits of receiving their associate degree. I think you can get around this by taking a few summer courses. I need to talk to my guidance counselor about that. I really want to get that associate degree. But if it doesn’t work out, that’s ok too. I still will have gotten that many courses out of the way for free before going to college.

That brings me to my next point. CCP is free to any public school student. Home schooled students have to pay for it themselves. At my institution, home school students are given a few classes free, but only until funds run out. While I think this is highly unfair, it is important to know.

CCP students receive grades from their courses that go on their high school transcript as well as their college transcript. Yes, CCP-ers get a college transcript. You take a risk when enrolling in CCP because you CANNOT ERASE A COLLEGE TRANSCRIPT. Or so says my guidance counselor. And I believe him:) Whatever grades you get will show up when applying to colleges for the rest of your life so you better be ready to earn those good grades.

You don’t just have to go to a college campus to take part in CCP. You can take online college courses, or even take classes at your high school if your high school has partnered with a college.

That is just a little bit of CCP. Most of this information is due to my experience, so don’t just take my word for it. If you are interested in CCP, talk to your HS guidance counselor to learn about your high school’s policies.

I have plenty more posts with specific advice coming soon so stay tuned.


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