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Good morning. Its Friday! This week has seemed very long, and all of a sudden its Friday. I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on about my week. Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I also didn’t get a workout in. On Wednesdays, I don’t plan on working out, I think I said that somewhere else too.

Yesterday, I had full intentions of getting a half mile in and 25-50 air squats like the challenge says. But I couldn’t do it. We didn’t get home until about 5:30 and I had to leave again at 5:50 because I had flute choir.

That’s another thing from my week! I joined a flute choir that my grandma is apart of. It isn’t very big. We had maybe six people yesterday, but we were missing about 5. So 11 people…approximately. I have so much fun. I love playing with other people in different parts. If I mess up, I know that the others will still sound amazing. šŸ˜€ Ha, ha. One of the ladies brought these beautiful crocheted necklaces yesterday for all of us. I chose one that is purple and silver and white. At first, they look beaded. They are just gorgeous. I will try to get a picture in here tomorrow maybe. Last week was my first week. Most people start on the normal flute, a C flute. There are also Alto flutes and bass flutes. There are some others that are not as common. Last week, I got to play the bass flute. This week I got to play the alto flute. They are so much fun to play. I did enjoy playing the alto flute more than the bass flute, though. It is easier to hold and easier to get the high notes out.

On Wednesday,Ā  I took my ACT compass test, the admission test to get into the College Credit Plus program. It changed from the PSEOP to the College Credit Plus. There are a few changes but they are pretty boring unless you are thinking of doing the program. So if you want more info, I would be happy to help. email me at healthyinghighschool1@gmail.com. I passed! I scored high enough to not take a reading class. I scored high enough to get into the higher level writing. I scored ‘eh’ on math. Basically, I am taking a math class 1st semester to get me up to college level math. I think. Then the next semester will be Algebra 2. I think. I will find out more in May when I have my guidance session.

Ok, enough of my boring life facts:) I will have a nice workout tonight, get some pictures of interestingĀ things for you, and get back to you tomorrow!

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