Day 1: Model UN

Hi guys! Today was so long–10 hours in session. But I have loved every single moment of my trip so far. Yesterday, we drove down here and I love car rides, but this one was so much fun. These people are great:)

My roommate and I were up until about 11:45 going over our notes for today and I was so tired when I finally got to sleep. Then we were up at 5:30 this morning (technically not out of bed until 6:00 though…)

We might not make it back alive though! If those elevators keep closing on us! Almost every single elevator we have walked into has closed on at least one of us. And now it is the running joke:) Among others.

But I guess I should talk about the conference itself…it is held at a pretty nice college here. They have free snacks and coffee and pop and water and such for us all day, which is amazing. They take it seriously so that it seems real, but it is a teaching conference, so if we make a mistake they just correct you and move on.

model UN

There is me looking all professional. Or so I hope:)

I plan on writing a real post about the convention and tips for future delegates and such, but that will come on Monday hopefully. Or maybe like in 2 years when I catch up on homework and sleep :p

Okay. I am absolutely exhausted right now:)

model un1

Good night!!

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