Driver’s License

I need to get better with posting things as they happen. But anyway, last Wednesday I got my license!!! I can’t believe it!!! And my wonderful Noni so kindly gave me her old car:) So I have my license and a car very suddenly.

With my brand new license

With my brand new license

Anyway, enough of that:) Today my is my 16th birthday party! That sound very cliché and ‘little kid-ish’…but I am having my friend who I used to go to school with. We are going to have my mom take pictures of us in different locations, and then tomorrow, we are going to put together little scrapbooks for each other. Also, tonight, we are going to have a Hunger Games movie night. I haven’t watched the movies yet, and she loves them, so I thought it would be fun to watch them together!

This Thursday…duh Duh DUHHHH…my mom, sister, Noni, and I are all going on vacation! We are all very excited about it and can not wait for Thursday to get here:)

I have a recipe that I found on Pinterest that I am going to post either today or tomorrow. It is very unhealthy, but I am going to see if I can make it at least a tad healthier. If not, oh well!! It just looks too yummy to pass up.

Talk to you soon.

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