First Post and a Psych workout

Welcome to my very first blog post- ever! This is very exciting for me. This blog is here to track my newly founded fitness journey, my crazy high school life, and my general life. I would love to here from anyone who is reading this! I think that I should warn you before you read any farther…I have no fitness training. I am no fitness expert. Go here to read more about my lack of training:)

What better way to start of a fitness blog than to give you all a workout? Today I wanted to tell you about an idea I saw on another blog. Right now my favorite, favorite TV show is Psych. Now I don’t like the language they use or some of the worldviews pushed across, but I really do just ignore all of that and enjoy the show.

I recently started reading the blog, Treble in the Kitchen. Yesterday she posted a Bachelor workout. Every time a certain action happened in the show, she would do a certain move. For example, every time someone kissed, she’d do 10 mountain climbers. Or when the word ‘love’ was mentioned she would do 20 hip lifts. Since I love watching Psych when I should be doing school, (oops! I really don’t do it that often :P)

I have decided to make a Psych workout. Here you are. I plan on watching one right after this so I will let you know how it goes!


Psych workout

Shawn introduces Gus as someone else- 10 jumping jacks

Someone is insulted- 15 bicep curls

Shawn and Jules kiss- 10 lunges

A swear word is used (I will be doing this one a lot…)- 20 second plank

Shawn has a psychic moment- 15 jack planks

Shawn and Gus finish each other’s sentences or say something together- 20 hip lifts

Gus gets angry at Shawn- 10 push ups

Shawn is wrong- 10 burpees

Lassie says Spencer- Yoga warrior pose 10 seconds each side–this actually strengthens your arms and legs so I will include it here

Shawn and Gus hit each other in any way- 15 shuffle punches


Questions: Did anyone try it? How did it go? Did you make one up for a favorite show? What is your favorite show?

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