I have so much to say!!

Well hello there. I am safely home from my summer travels. I have graduated and am now an official camp counselor and a staff member of Cedarbrook Camp of Ohio!

My new name is Elf, for the Elf Owl.

elf owl.png

From Google Images- My bird. Adorable.


I know that sounds weird, but at our camp, all the counselors are known by bird names because there is a place in the Bible that talks about being cared for by the birds at the brook Cedar. Hence, counselors with bird names. It is a big deal, and the campers love trying to guess our “real” names:)

The four weeks I spent there this summer were simply wonderful. My CILT class became so close, as if we weren’t close before. We laughed and cried…and cried some more. Those girls are some of best and closest friends. We joke about how we only see each other for several weeks and a few days here and there each year yet we are insanely close.

I am so happy that I stuck with the program and met so many beautiful girls along the way.


Here is a picture of our graduation ceremony…I am behind the tree. !!?

cilt grad cake

And the greatly “envied” CILT grad cake picture

It’s weird…on the camp website, I look at all the previous CILT grad cake pictures, and they all look so much older than us. Are we really CILT grads now?

CILT grad take 2

My beautiful friends: Austra, Eskie, Sage, Blu, Spider, (Elf), Fin, Cinnamon, and Magnolia.


Our first time wearing those shirts that counselors wear on Saturdays when parents pick up their kids.



And now I am home. Back to life. School, college apps. College apps! I am so excited. I have waited for as long as I can remember–exaggeration…a VERY long time–for my chance to apply to college. I have been accepted to one school (Eep!) and am now working on the rest of my apps. I am close to being finished–> two more essays to write.

If I have one piece of advice for Seniors, start early and get finished early. That way Senior year can be fun as well!

I have two college trips lined up in September. One is an overnight visit that will include an admissions interview, and the other is just a regular tour and admissions overview group session. I am overly excited that I am finally to this point in my life, and I am ready to see where God takes me next.

Talk to you soon!!



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