It’s Friday!

So…how are your Fridays going? I AM SO HAPPY THAT IT IS FINALLY FRIDAY! This week has been crazy. Exams (no finals…yet) and music practices and youth group and just plain old regular homework. Next week is our last week of real classes, and then one week of exams, and then sweet, blessed Christmas Break. It is hard because we only have one more week of classes, yet my colleges classes don’t seem to be slowing down. You can tell, though, that people are getting tired and ready for a vacation. Ever since Thanksgiving break that has been the atmosphere on campus.

My two online classes have finished. Well I have to take my Latin final this weekend and then that one will be officially finished. So weird that next semester I will have a totally different schedule with new teachers and sitting next to different people.

Friday is very welcome this week, if I must say it again 😀 I spent the first part of the morning watching a Christmas movie and then reading. I love this time of year if only for the Christmas movies on the library shelf:)

But now it’s time to work…WIN_20150428_110819 (2)

^Pretty much my exact face at this moment in time on earth…

I only have a little bit of Latin to translate, and then I think I will work on Statistics. Maybe.


Anyway, have a good weekend. It’s almost Christmas!

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