IUPUI- College Trips #2

Indiana University Purdue University in Indianapolis. Ah! Long name. As you know, my mom, sister, and I are visiting family here in Indi. I decided to take this time to visit some Indi schools! Also, I want to skip the usual ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ post this week to give you better College Visit posts:) But the highlight of this week has been coming to visit Aunt Ann, so that would have been on my Wonderful Wednesday:)

Here is the link to my BGSU review. And the link to my College Visits page.

Anyway, yesterday my mom and I visited IUPUI in downtown Indi. I love downtown Indi which is probably why I liked the university as much as I did. I have to admit that it impressed me more than I though it would. Let me give you my lists, and then I can talk about it more in detail.

Things I Liked:

Safe feeling
Up to date buildings
Smaller classes
All professor taught

Things I Did Not Like:

Not that welcoming
No one talked to us during our informational meeting
Not personal
Felt unprofessional

OK. Now that I have listed my basic thoughts, let me go through each piece and add in some details.

The campus really is in the heart of downtown. I compared this aspect to Ohio State and realized that while OSU is in a big city, I didn’t feel like I was downtown as much. In the same way, I felt so safe on the IUPUI campus. I didn’t feel like I was in immediate danger at OSU when I went a few years ago, yet they didn’t mention anything about the campus police. I just felt more vulnerable. It is hard to compare schools like that without being unfair, but I feel that IUPUI can compare to OSU pretty fairly. That might give you an idea of how its dynamic. The buildings were pretty and new. There was green space and trees which made parts of campus feel not as much downtown. I think that is key in a city campus. They talked about smaller class sizes. Their average class is 30 students. They seemed to think that made their classes small. I mean, I guess compared to some schools it is, and I prefer that, but that really isn’t that small to me. I have gone through my whole education with no more than 10 students in my class. I put ‘smaller classes’ on the first list because I appreciate that they do make an effort to keep it small. All classes are professor taught; no TA’s teach any classes. The only time you would get someone other than a professor is during recitation times, and they only review material already taught by your professor. Students lead the recitations, but they have to excel at the subject and attend weekly classes to be able to lead the sessions. Recitation times are break off sessions from lecture classes. You review material that the professor has taught you previously, making it a structured study session, with a smaller group of people.

When we got there, we entered through a parking garage. There were two tour guides in the hallway to check us in. There was no admissions counselor or anyone else. When the session started, we just watched a video and then took the tour. It is strange that no admissions counselor would be there to talk to us.  So in that way it felt unprofessional. The whole thing felt student run. That can be a good thing, but in my opinion, some faculty should be present to oversee the event. They didn’t go around and do introductions. They introduced themselves, but didn’t ask for our names. We didn’t receive any survey of the tour. Usually we get a short survey asking about our overall experience. I didn’t feel welcome.

My final thoughts: it seemed like a great school. I wouldn’t choose to go there because they don’t have my interest: pre-PA. Also, it didn’t offer anything that I couldn’t find at a school in Ohio.

I will be adding something to the College Visits page. Pay the page a visit soon to see my new feature.

Have you visited IUPUI? Do you have anything else to add?


***Alright, scoring time! I only give them 2 points for the academic, opportunity and for campus feel because I didn’t get a good idea of the school through the meeting and tour. I think that it is important that a school convey who they are well through the visits that they offer their prospective students. I’m not saying it was a bad school, I think it is a good school, I just don’t know how I would fit in there.


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