Just another Saturday

Hello! Just a short post today.

I have been very busy today:) This morning, I went with my mom to her Bible study and did some work for my camp Bible study. I went with her to grocery shop afterwards, and I bought a pair of sandals to go with my Easter outfit.

Exciting news! I ran an 8:33 mile today! I completely surprised myself. I just about passed out afterwards, but I am so happy. I just have to cut off 30 seconds and I will be good for the Presidential Physical Fitness Test. And I also have to work on my flexibility and pull ups:) But I will dwell on the good from today!

And then, we cleaned. An intense whole house clean:) We cleaned for about two hours and then relaxed for the rest of the day so we went over to Noni’s house. My traditional Easter dish, I guess, is some form of Jello. This year, I made a peach layer Jello in a Bundt pan. I plan on giving you the recipe along with pictures either tomorrow or Monday. Probably Monday:)

On Monday, we get to head on over to Indianapolis to visit my aunt, uncle, and two younger cousins. Noni already went over so we get to see her too!! I scheduled two college visits in Indi while we are there, so you can expect two more posts in my College Visit series, Butler University and IUPUI.

I am getting excited for my camp’s spring weekend next weekend. My sister, friend and I are all going. I will be able to see some of my CILT and counselor friends as well! It will be a fun weekend.

Well, that is all for this post. I am ready for bed…almost. Have a very Happy Easter!

He is risen…

He is risen indeed!

Questions: What are your Easter plans this year? Do you have any favorite dishes that you make? Do you have any family traditions?

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