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Hello there! Like my last post’s title indicated, I am still pretty busy.

On Wednesday, I finished Driver’s Ed and scored a 94% on my written exam. Yes!! I scheduled my driving time with the instructor for the very end of May. No!! I have to wait the whole month before I can get my license. Oh well…I am still getting it pretty soon:) At the beginning of Driver’s Ed, I dreaded going back the next day. Now that it is over, I actually miss it.

I just have a little bit of time to write a post today, but I figured that I would use the time that I do have to pop in for a bit:) Today, my mom and I are meeting my aunt for lunch at the hospital cafeteria close to us.

How many of you watch the Marvel movies? Or any superhero movies? My sister is enthralled with the Avengers and X-Men and all those other superheroes. The new Avenger movie, Age of Ultron, comes out tonight…I think it does at least, it might already be out. Either way, we are going with a few friends to see it at the drive-in. I hope it is warm enough!

More official news…I am taking my first SAT tomorrow! I am not really nervous, but I am kind of worried. There is a difference:) I guess I am worried because this is the first real time that something I do will have a direct impact on my future. I mean, sure, everything that I have ever done impacts my future, but my SAT score will eventually go to the colleges that I apply to. It is just making everything seem all too real:)

I have an appointment with my high school guidance counselor for next year on Monday morning at 7:30. She is going to give me a list of exactly what classes I need to take in order to graduate high school. Then later in May, I have an appointment with my guidance counselor in at the University branch that I will be attending as a part of the College Credit Plus program to actually schedule my classes. All of a sudden, things are happening that I have been waiting for years to happen. It just doesn’t seem real.

On to the fitness side of things…next week is the Presidential Physical Fitness test. I don’t know how I am going to do! I was training for it for about a month and then I got slammed with things and I just stopped. Getting back into a fitness routine is always in the back of my mind. If any of you have any ideas of how/what to do, please comment below or email me!


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