Leadership Academy

Another early morning. This morning I woke up around 7:00 (I guess not so early…) and drove my way over to school to meet the van that would take me 45 minutes to the university that would hold the Leadership Academy.

At first, I thought I had missed the van, but then I finally found where we were supposed to meet so I hopped in and we were on our way. Long story short, I had a really great day. First of all, one of the facilitators looked and talked exactly like one of my favorite camp counselors:) That made it fun.

The academy was held by the university’s Center for Leadership. We had group sessions and group breakout sessions. I felt comfortable there and shared my opinion. I got a lot out of it, and I feel that I can actually use what I learned today.

I have some ideas of how I can, and if I decide to do them, I am sure that you will hear all about it:)

I just wanted to drop in and give a little update on what I did today. Now I am very tired, and I am going to bed. Goodnight guys:)

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