Let’s Just Take a Moment

I got to thinking today about how many things seem to be happening so fast all of a sudden. Things that I have waited for and dreamed of for so long and never thought would get here! As you might know, I love lists:

  1. In 19 months I will be graduated from high school.
  2. In 12 months, this time next year, I will probably have my college decisions from the colleges. Maybe I will even have accepted a college offer. What do I think about that?!
  3. In 9 months…actually applying to college.
  4. In about 8 months, I will be a high school SENIOR. when did that happen?
  5. In 6 months I will be a counselor at Cedarbrook. Less than a year. I will have that envied walkie talkie, wear my brain around my neck, and get that tall milk cup at meals. Oh the things about being a Cedarbrook counselor 😀 It is so scary to think about! I will be leading girls, teaching activities, walking inside the ‘staff only’ cabin.
  6. And in 2 months I will be 17!! Eep!
  7. CCP. Umm, I know I am right in the midst of it, but this time last year, I was wishing that right now would be here. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t. 🙂
  8. And I am driving.

All of a sudden, it just seems like, everything that I have been dreaming about since the 5th grade is coming true. Accept it is happening too fast!!


exciting but terrifying


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