Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That title is very late in coming but better late than never:)


Happy 2016!!! 2015 went by so, so quickly and so many things happened. I’ll just try to write an overview of these past two weeks (which flew by, by the way.)

So how were your Christmases? This holiday season was one of a large amount of baking for me:) I discovered that I love discovering new recipes, but it has to be really outstanding for me to make it again. It keeps it interesting that way.

Let’s see…the weekend before Christmas, I made a chocolate pudding cake and a double layer white cake with strawberry whipped cream filling. I can’t remember where I got those recipes or I would link those as well, but for Christmas day I made a hot chocolate cheese cake and a White Cake with Cranberry Filling and Orange Buttercream. Instead of Cranberry I used cherries because I couldn’t find cranberries. My first attempt at a triple layer cake! Overall it was a successful first attempt. My middle layer cracked a bit coming out of the pan, and then completely fell apart when I was moving it from the cooling rack to the bottom layer. I tried putting it back together, and it ended up falling apart even more! Oh well, it still tasted delicious.

My parents got me a guitar for Christmas. It is so beautiful!


Apologies…my arm looks slightly awkward.


I also got the game Pandemic. It is probably the greatest game ever created. We taught out family how to play and we ended up playing multiple times in a row:) It’s now a favorite.


The Tuesday after Christmas, Noni and Mom and Kaitlyn and I headed over to Crocker Park to their Barnes and Noble store because we each had a gift card. I bought a very nice journal:) And then we ate at Red Robin. Crocker Park was worth the drive. I love it over there.

That brings us to New  Year’s Eve! Like for the last few year’s tradition, we joined our friends at their house around 5 for a night of food, games, and talking. I made fruit tarts to take with us, and Mom made a delicious mac and cheese. We used this recipe but added in chicken and bacon. I encourage you all to try it!!!

So we played Pandemic and Telestrations. Ping Pong and Just Dance. We talked and laughed and ate a ton of food. The Mr. of the family made his ‘Rice Crème’. I think it’s a Norwegian recipe, maybe? But it is so delicious, and we look forward to it every year.

We watched the ball drop and then made lots of noise with horns and noise makers:) Overall, a wonderful evening.

And now, once again, happy 2016. I hope that your year will be full of resolutions fulfilled 😀 My resolution? To keep my grades exactly as they are right now so to work hard at school, but ultimately to enjoy this college time just as much as I can.





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