My Crazy Week

Hi all! Another Monday. Another week. But another fun week.

For about the past month, my weeks have been very similar to each other. They look something like this:

Monday- School. Hurry home to change and head on up to dinner with the family at a cute little diner. Head over to horse lessons. Get home so that Mom and Dad can get my dad ready for the road. Collapse into bed, but probably not before watching an episode of Castle:)

Tuesday- School–my crazy busy school day. After Latin class go over to my piano students’ house to give two lessons before finally going home. Then after relaxing at home for a bit, we head on over to Noni and Aunt Cindy’s house for our dinner and DWTS night! Look forward to it every week:) (Who is your favorite couple… if you watch Dancing with the Stars? I can’t decide on my favorite, but Bindy and Derek are amazing!)

Wednesday- School, of course!. After my one class, I eat lunch with my friend (as I do everyday) and then head back to town and over to the hospital cafeteria to get some studying in. I stay there all afternoon and then around 5:15 I realize that I will be late to youth group if I don’t pack up right away and rush home. So I do. Then Kaitlyn and I go to youth group, have a great time, then, again, collapse into bed.

Thursday- Same old routine during the day. And then piano lessons in the afternoon. Flute choir with Grandma in the evening.

Friday- oh my beloved Friday. NO SCHOOL!! So, guess what I do? Study.

Somewhere in there I try to practice piano, flute, and guitar, complete CILT work, and study for my ACT in December. Oh and get to the gym. Whheww!


So this past week was basically like that…just more hectic because I had OGTS Mon/Wed/Fri and two exams on Thursday.  And I can’t forget the fact that I had to deal with these Latin adjectives…

Screenshot (52)

^My face exactly.

But I have to remember, “I choose joy…I will refuse to see any problem as anything less than an opportunity to see God.” -Max Lucado.

And of course…Screenshot (31)^probably the best thing I have ever read!! 😀

Today, I need to submit writing homework and take my Latin quiz. I had my Math OGTs this morning and will take my Science OGTs on Wednesday. Then I will have finished them all, and hopefully I will pass them all so that I do not have to take them again.

Have a fantastic Monday all.

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