My Easter Weekend

Hello to you all!

We are here! We made it to my Aunt Ann’s house today a few hours ago. I spent the afternoon playing with my little cousin Claire and listening to my mom, aunt, and Noni talk:) So on to the weekend recap.

Sunday morning, my mom gave us each an Easter present. She got Kaitlyn Dracula and Sherlock Holmes. She got me the book Gray’s Anatomy. I was so excited! I sat there and read and looked…and read and looked at it some more:)

unnamed (2)

While I was reading, my mom baked some homemade strawberry muffins. She found the recipe in one of her mystery books, and oh my goodness, they were delicious!



Then we went to church and my friend, Katy, and sister, Kaitlyn, and I got Katy’s sister, Ada, to take some pictures of us in our new Easter outfits:)

Katy (Left) Me (Center) Kaitlyn (Right)

Katy (Left) Me (Center) Kaitlyn (Right)

Before we left for church, we had set our oven to cook the roast at 11:00. When we got home at 12:30, the oven was cold! It hadn’t turned on. It was ok though because it was ready to eat when my dad got home later that day. (He drives trucks long haul through the week.) So we had roast with onions and potatoes, rolls, asparagus, Jello, and a goat cheese and cracker plate. We got to use my mom’s china and a pottery platter that I made last year. This picture sums it all up.



And my mom took pictures of  my dad and sister and me.

unnamed (10)unnamed (13)

That evening, we went over to my grandparent’s house and had pizza with one of my aunts and uncles and cousin.

It was a fun, full day:) And tomorrow you will get the Jello recipe. Tomorrow I also have my first college visit here. I have the second one on Wednesday. We have a very eventful week here in Indi:) Have a good evening!








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