My Meeting with the Career Lady

Like I said in Part 2 of What do I do first?! I said that I had met with my college’s career counselor. We’ll call her Dr. Z. She encouraged me (a lot) and gave me next steps, which I so desperately need:D

First off, she let me know that this appointment wasn’t a one time deal for me. She said that when she meets with medical minded students, she normally meets with them once a semester, including through the summer, to keep up with each other and make sure everything is falling into place.

(A little background info-she actually worked at a medical school that had an MD, DO, and PA program. She really knows what she is talking about!)

There is a medical conference at a local university in October that she said that I should attend. She will be there as well so I will have someone who can help me navigate the event. There will be doctors and med school advisors and faculty and admissions counselors and current/recently graduated med students at the event. I will be able to sit in on panel discussions and things such as that. I am really excited and hope that I will benefit from it.

She led me to the AAMC database. This is a summer internship database that is very useful. Dr. Z asked me a lot of questions about school and my shadowing experiences. She asked me what I liked/disliked about each of my shadowing times. I basically told her everything that you can find on my Shadowing page.

From my answers, she told me that I need something that will challenge me each and every day so that I don’t get bored. That sounds awful, but I agree with that:) She also thinks that research won’t satisfy me long term, but would highly benefit me right now, hence the summer internship suggestion.

Dr. Z also gave me a link to a certain episode from a podcast. Have you every heard of Slate’s Working? I never have before, but there is an episode about a medical resident. Basically the interviewer asks the interviewee about a normal day, challenges in the job, how they chose that job, etc. I really enjoyed listening to it.

That basically sums up what the meeting was about. She wants me to schedule another meeting in November. She will help me with my summer internship applications, college applications, and talk about the medical conference.

I just wanted to update you on where I am right now:)


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