Notre Dame University: College Visit #4

And so ends my semi-recent dream of attending Notre Dame. Yes, I visited Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana yesterday.

Good things about the school:

  1. Amazing, amazing, amazing research opportunities for all undergrads.
  2. Dedicated staff.
  3. It has a neuroscience major (what I am personally looking for)

Not so good things about the school:

  1. Did not seem “lived in”
  2. All similar architecture and appearance on the outside
  3. Insane price tag
Alright, Notre Dame is an excellent school with wonderful faculty, tight community, good values, outstanding academics…but it is not the school for me.
I went into this visit expecting to love the school, maybe it would turn into the school of my dreams?! From the second we drove onto campus, though, I had a feeling that it would not be so. The grand buildings, perfect grass, stone architecture everywhere. I didn’t feel the click that I felt with say, Butler University.
From the very moment that I drove onto Butler’s campus last year, I fell in love with the school.
With Notre Dame, I didn’t feel welcome…or I just felt out of place. Of course the rigor and reputation of the school are sort of intimidating, but that is not what is driving me away.
I guess the biggest thing that makes me feel uneasy is the not lived in feel I get when I am on the campus. The buildings are all annoyingly the same appearance on the outside. The grass spaces really are not that welcoming. Everything looked perfect.
Compared to Butler’s campus (which I walked around today just to get another feel of) with its gorgeous yet varied buildings, wooded areas, not perfect grass, warm, college feel.
Now, that is all talking about how the campus felt to me–which is the important reason that I am deciding that I do not want to attend here.
If my decision rested solely on academics and career opportunities, I would apply here in a heartbeat!
Research: Our admissions counselor who led the meeting told us that almost any undergrad interested in any sort of research will probably be funded by the university, and students are encouraged to do so. With me hoping for medical school, research–and being published on a paper–during undergrad is one of my top priorities. The fact that I would have great access to such a wonderful network of faculty members to help me with that goal, makes me almost cringe to cross it off. I know there are other school with wonderful research, but NDU is the first to emphasize it so much.
Neuroscience: This is a fairly new major at NDU. I am very interested in this major and I want to be sure that I will be able to either major in it or duplicate the experience by ‘mixing and matching’ my major(s) and minor(s).
Overall, I think anyone who is accepted is very lucky and should be excited to attend such a wonderful university.
Now for the pictures:)
Kaitlyn and I

Kaitlyn and I at NDU

Oh, and I should mention that if anyone happens to be in South Bend for one reason or another, they should definitely stop by The South Bend Chocolate Company!!!

The sun was in my eyes and I could not stop laughing...I was so tired I was slap happy:D

The sun was in my eyes and I could not stop laughing…I was so tired I was slap happy:D

There. A good picture. The sun was still in my eyes, but at least I was not laughing!

There. A good picture. The sun was still in my eyes, but at least I was not laughing!

Sign got cut off...

Sign got cut off…

Consoling myself with chocolate PB fudge before translating my Latin HW

Consoling myself with chocolate PB fudge before translating my Latin HW

***I give a complete 5 for academics and opportunity. If my decision was based solely on what the school has to offer, I would still consider Notre Dame. The problem is that I have to give a 0 for campus feel. It was a beautiful campus, but the style of the outside of all the buildings was pretty much the same, making it boring and not hom-y. That’s all:)
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