PPFT, Happy Mother’s Day, and surgery

Good Monday morning to you all.

I took the final tests in the Presidential Physical Fitness Test (PPFT) on Thursday. I did…ok:( I am probably the most inflexible person in the whole world! I scored National for that and the mile. I ran an 8:44 mile. I am pretty happy with that time, it just wasn’t fast enough for the Presidential award. So I scored Presidential for the majority of the tests and National for two of them. (National Award is a little bit easier to get than Presidential Award.) I didn’t quite make my goal, but I am happy with what I did get.

Saturday brought 70 degrees with a beautiful breeze. Mom mowed the yard and did some other yard work, and I sat on the porch making key chains as a goodbye present for my kindergarten Latin class. We had a wonderful day outside.



I have to make 9 altogether.

I have to make 9 altogether.









Yesterday was Mother’s Day, as everyone should know:) Happy Mother’s Day–one day late!!! My sister and I each got my mom some potted flowers. Now she sits on our front porch staring at them happily:) Picture is coming soon–once I talk my mom into it. [Update: Picture…finally. Sorry that it is sideways.]


This morning I got a call from a doctor at our local hospital. I get to shadow a surgeon tomorrow! Starting at 7:15- about 3:30. I get to see some very interesting cases. The nurse there made sure to call me in when they had an interesting case load. So that is where I will be tomorrow!

Also, my mom and I officially started Whole30 today. And so starts the 30 day countdown finishing on June 10, right before we leave for our vacation with Noni to Virginia. Great timing, self!

How was your weekend? Did you take full advantage of the glorious weather?

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