Review of Specialties

So I don’t want to say ‘Yes’ to any particular specialty so if I am considering it I am going to say ‘Maybe’. 🙂

Shadowing an ER PA- I do not like the unpredictability of the ER. I realize that any specialty will give you the ‘unknown’, but the ER would make me very anxious. (Verdict=NO)

Shadowing a Surgeon- I need more of a doctor/patient relationship than surgery gives. I would find it hard to meet someone, develop a relationship, operate not knowing if they will live or not, and then send them back to their normal doctor. (Verdict=NO)

Shadowing a Podiatrist- I simply could not work with feet day after day. (Verdict=NO)

Shadowing an RRT- This one is trickier. I really did like this field. I would have to shadow an RRT in a larger hospital to really understand what they do. (Verdict=MAYBE, probably not)

Shadowing a Radiologist- I need more patient interaction, and I could not read X-Rays from a computer all day. (Verdict=NO)

Shadowing an OB nurse- I did love this. I can picture myself as a nurse or as an MD in OB/Gyn. I think that shows me that I would thrive in this specialty. (Verdict= MAYBE, most likely so far)

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