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I can’t believe that I haven’t posted my SAT’s yet! I think it did pretty well for my first time. I definitely could do better, but these aren’t bad scores…average.

Screenshot (33) Screenshot (32) Screenshot (30)













I think you can read those enough, but here are the scores again: Critical Reading, 590; Writing, 620; Math, 500.

So lots of room for improvement on the math section.

My essay scored an eight on a 2-12 point scale. Both readers gave me a four. The essay is scored like this: two readers read each essay. They each give it a score. Their two scores, given that they are similar, are then added together. If the two scores are very different, a third reader gives the score. So each reader can give up to six points.

I am happy with these scores. I had them sent to the three colleges I am looking at right now; BGSU, Butler, and OSU. I know it is kind of early, but there wasn’t any reason why I shouldn’t have sent them!

I am going to take the ACT and PSAT this fall and the SAT sometime as well.

That’s all! Talk to you soon:)

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