School is almost here!

This is kind of just an ‘everything’ post. I’m just writing down what I think of at the time! 🙂

Yes, school starts in one week! That means several things: I finally get a routine, blogging will become even more sporadic, and I will probably start stressing out even more in about 3 days.

Routine is my favorite thing to look forward to each new school year. No matter how hard I try, I can never get into a summer routine.  Give me about a week after school starts and I will have a pretty solid routine down. 🙂

I have been blogging about once a week for the last couple of weeks. Now that school is starting, one of two things are bound to happen: I will either blog even less because of my work load, or I will build it in to my daily schedule. I hope the latter happens. I really want to keep you updated on what is going on!

I stress about everything. Everything! My CILT work, my school work, piano, flute, etc. Now that I am starting a brand new school experience, this could get interesting…

I got glasses! Ok. I don’t have them yet, and I only need them when I am reading for a long time. But I have wanted glasses since just about 3rd grade. So I can now say, ‘I have glasses!’ The doctor said that he only prescribed them since I will have to read a lot for school. Anyway…that’s exciting.

MY TEACHER IS HAVING A BABY! Technically she isn’t my teacher anymore, she was my middle school teacher, but I still call her my teacher. She just told us last week that she’s pregnant! Her oldest is a year younger than me and her youngest is in 4th grade so we were all happily surprised…including her. She will have to stop teaching in February or even before and we are all really disappointed that she has to leave. One of the other greatest teachers of all time retired last year, and now Mrs. E is leaving. It is a huge transition year, but it’s a baby. 😀

I took my PSQ (Pre Semester Quiz) for Latin today and got a 92%!!!!! It was a pass/fail thing–85% and above got 100% and anything below got a 0. That is huge weight gone:) My class starts next Tuesday and now I finally feel ready to start.

I think I emptied my brain of everything. See ya later!



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