Semester #2!!

Good morning! Yesterday I started my Spring semester of my Junior year of High School. Needless to say, I had those butterflies you get in your stomach when a new semester starts.

I had my biology class yesterday morning and my ‘University’ (career search) yesterday afternoon. I think that this Biology class will be a lot of fun, while being a whole lot of work.

It’s a 200 class intended for students heading into the health field. That sparked my interest right there! it is also my first real lab science.The teacher is so, so knowledgeable and witty and friendly 🙂

I had a fun weekend as an ending to my Christmas break. My youth group and I went to Winter Jam on Saturday in Columbus! If you don’t know what that is, it is a Christian band tour that goes to lots of cities this time of year. Something like 48 or 50 different cities. The tour has 10 bands with it and it costs only $10. So we got to see each band for $1, which is crazy! We had a blast. It is $10 at the door so we couldn’t get tickets which means that we stood in line for 3 hours! It was OK though because we played lots of games and hung out. It was like a spring day so we didn’t freeze out there.

And Sunday! What was that! I woke up and it is freezing rain. I drive to church and when I walk outside after the service, it’s a blizzard!!


That’s my friend’s crazy little sister:)


Today the roads were even worse. Mom had to drive me to school. Good thing she had a snow day!

I just finished with my writing class this morning. I got out about 45 minutes early so I have extra time to work on Model UN stuff for my meeting tomorrow. Today, I have my first BIO lab which I am both excited and nervous about…mostly excited:)

I’m trying not to get behind on the 2nd day of school. When that happens, I know it will be a crazy, crazy semester:) So I’m off to work on research for MUN. Have a glorious day:D

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