Shadowing a Podiatrist

Today I was able to shadow a podiatrist! I got there around 12:45 and we were finished by 4:30. He is a private practitioner, which he made clear is really hard to start into nowadays, so he has really nice hours. He takes Wednesday and Friday afternoons off and comes in only in the afternoons the other days. His ‘office ladies’ were really sweet. I am kind of confused on their training…I don’t think they were nurses.

Anyhow…I really enjoyed today. I saw people getting their toe nails trimmed, routine check-ups for broken feet, slipper casting, and other feet problems:) The other feet problems were  people who had pain in their heel who were in for a check-up to get x-rays. He looked at the films right away so I got to see my first films!

A few people had corns that he had to scrape away. It was kind of…gross. He had to scrape away a lot of the skin, and it looked painful!

The office feel really appeals to me. My first two shadowings were in the hospital, and it was nice to shadow a physician in the office. It was laid back and relaxed, mainly because they didn’t have very many patients. I mean, we saw patients with about a 10 minute period in between, but he wasn’t frantically rushing around seeing people.

This was a nice experience because since we had some down time, he talked to me a lot about podiatry school and med school and different scopes of practice. He kind of outlined differences in hospital practice and private practice and clinical practice and group practice, etc. I learned a lot about the business side of things too:)

So what did I learn today? I learned that I really love the idea of working in an office and a hospital. One of the ladies gave me a name of an Ob/Gyn to call about shadowing because I had said that the ones that I have already called said they wouldn’t allow high school students to shadow…which makes sense. But I really want to shadow an Ob/Gyn.

I have several shadowings that I am going to line up soon: an Ob/Gyn, an RRT (my chem teacher!), and an ER nurse (my mom’s friend!).

Pretty fun times:p

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