Shadowing a Respiratory Therapist

Hey guys!

On Thursday, I had a nice little surprise. My chem teacher called me and said, ‘Hey, you want to shadow me today from 2:30-11?’ (If you didn’t know, my chem teacher is an amazing¬†respiratory therapist-RRT)

Of course, I started doing a little happy dance right then and there in my mom’s classroom. So we drove home so I could change into ‘shadowing clothes’. I went to HR and signed the paperwork, and then we met Jennifer on the other side of the hospital.

We walked into the hospital and went to the Pulmonary Medicine department first. I met her boss and a few of her co-workers. Then she listened to report, and we were off checking up on patients.

We did routine treatments and some different things too:) (HA. I say ‘we’. HA.) She is my favorite person that I have shadowed. I mean for obvious reasons, if you knew her, but also because she talked to me when working with her patients. The other people, probably because they didn’t know me, just worked with the patients and then talked to me when we walked out. That makes sense, but I really liked how she taught me things.

My favorite field that I have shadowed would be RRT. At least at this hospital, I know the bigger ones are different, RTTs go to all the floors. We were in ER and ICU and just the medicine floor. Other doctors that I have shadowed were specialty doctors so they stayed in their wing only. Another aspect that I loved about this was that all the RRTs helped each other out. They traveled together, I guess you could say. If someone was finished with ‘their’ floor, they would call the others and see if they needed help. If someone did need help, someone would come and give a treatment or do whatever needed to be done.

Another great thing about this field is the schooling. RRTs only need to go to school for 18 months to get certified. At least at the college where I would go. It is the same college that I will be attending next year. So if…IF…I decide on RTT, I could go for 18 months and then start working. At that point, the hospital would pay for my under grad.

Of course, I really do want to have the college experience. SO I probably would still go to college for four years and then get trained. But even then, that I so much better than 10 years of school and beau coups of debt.

Don’t get me wrong. I am still considering becoming a doctor–an Ob/Gyn, but I am just saying that so far, this has been my favorite shadowing experience so far. This is definitely one of my choice careers.

As a side note…I did get a picture of those Mother’s Day flowers. As soon as I can get the picture over to WiFi, I will post it:) We got some fun ones!

And I just realized that the Yoga challenge starts on June 1 not like five days ago. Anyone doing it with me?

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