Shadowing an ER PA and CPR class

Hi guys!

As promised, here is the shadowing post along with the CPR class post. Let me start off my saying that I had a blast shadowing in the ER yesterday. For a lot of the day, we sat at ‘my’ PA’s computer, and I watched him update notes and check files. We saw about seven patients. I also got to talk to a PA student who is doing her ER rotation. She was so friendly and nice! She gave me some tips for what specialty might be the best to start out on.

I expected to see the PA constantly checking and rechecking his decisions with the doctor, but it wasn’t like that! He talked to the doctor about all of the patients that ‘we’ saw, and he told him the history and what he planned to do. The doctor said either yes or do something different. So, yes he did check his decisions. What surprised me was they didn’t have this official conference each time. They were at their own computers, the doctor doing his own notes, and the PA finishing notes while describing his plan. The whole nursing staff working at the time I was there, was so kind too. One of my mom’s best friends is an ER nurse and she was there! Overall, it wet my appetite even more for a career in medicine:)

Onto my CPR class. Before the class, I was incredibly nervous. I didn’t know what to expect. Well, the guy leading it was funny and made the time go by quickly. We practiced bandaging each other and using an Epinephrine pen. We talked about environmental and medical emergencies. Then we got to CPR! This was the fun part. We learned compressions and breaths on the dummies. Who knew it was so physically challenging? Well, I know that everyone who knows CPR knows that, but I didn’t know! I felt very faint after doing the 5 sets of compressions and breaths. I think everyone did. At least it wasn’t just me:)

At the end, we put our compressions, breaths, and AED skills all together. We partnered up; one person manned the AED and did breaths while the other did compressions. Then we flipped jobs. I loved it:) The AED is surprisingly easy to use too! It tells you everything you need to do, and it even ‘beeps’ the right rhythm for compressions. I am very happy that I did the class. I would like to know CPR and First Aid even if I didn’t have to have it for camp.

Question: how many of you have to be certified? How many of you want to be certified? How many of you know CPR?

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