Shadowing an OB nurse

Hello everyone! I had another opportunity to shadow a parent from school. This time I shadowed an OB nurse in the hospital. I fell in love! (Do I say that every time I shadow someone?!)

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I shadowed her from 1-5 yesterday afternoon. She gave me a pair of scrubs to wear, and may I just say that those things are the most comfortable clothes ever made!? Her boss had her assigned to the nursery. We walked in and there were babies! Now, you might say, of course there were babies! But I had never seen so many babies (born that day!). They were all in their own rolling cribs, and they were all wrapped tightly like burritos. The nurses in there let me hold the ones that were crying and feed the ones that were hungry.

I saw two different procedures on the babies. Towards the end of the day, the babies were either discharged or sleeping with their mamas. ‘My’ nurse took the opportunity to give me a tour of the OB floor. She showed me the delivery rooms, supply room, exam room, OR, and C-Section recovery room.

She seemed to love her job so much. Now, again, I know that I say this about every field I shadow, but the OB specialty has seemed to be my favorite. I can honestly see myself being either an OB nurse or OB/Gyn MD.

All in all, I had a great day. It helped me to see that this is still my favorite field. Tomorrow, I will post a review of my thoughts on every field that I have shadowed. It’ll be interesting for me to compile all of my thoughts.



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