Some Life Happenings

Hello all:)

This semester (and life in general) are flying by! I can’t believe that we had midterms last week, we are about a third of the way through October, and … I’m getting some college decisions already!


This is my second college acceptance (BGSU was my first) so far. Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio.:D 😀

I haven’t actually visited this school yet, but I will be making a visit (probably) soon. Also in line for one last visit: Butler and OSU<–probably overnights. I have made my visits to Albion College and Hope College (both in Michigan) and those posts are coming this week.

It still seems weird to me that this time in my life is now. My mom and I finished the FAFSA yesterday, and I have gotten initial merit scholarships from Wittenberg and BG. It is all starting to feel real! I am going to be an (official) college student soon. What is life all of a sudden?! And since I have done CCP, if I choose OSU or BG, I will be applying to med school in 2 or 3 years…??!!

Besides all of that…I am enjoying all of my classes this semester, even my Algebra class to an extent. I don’t really have a favorite because my favorite changes a lot depending on how I am feeling about each class:) Anatomy is my current favorite though. We just finished the chapter on skeletal muscle<–how the muscles contract and relax and all the processes involved in that. We just started the chapter on the nervous system today. On Tuesday, we have our lab practical where we have to ID all of the bones and bony landmarks on the skeleton. I love the memorization!

This weekend, I get to visit my friend at college. Another friend will be going as well. Fun, fun. Also get a visit from Aunt Emily and Phil!! So I will have two college visit posts coming out this weekend: Hope and Albion. Talk to you soon!








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