College Credit Plus: What do I do first?! Part 1

Hi there.

I just finished my online Latin class and now I need to take a brief break from studying so I decided to do a post! It is a beautiful day here, a little bit on the warm side. but it even started to rain…just a little bit…which made it even more beautiful.

So when I started school last week, I got all of these papers and syllabi and resources and websites just thrown at me. I had no idea how to organize them.

Part 1 of ‘What do I do first?! (That is how I felt! Maybe a little bit more panicked) will be all about organizing your papers on the first day. Part 2 will be about scheduling your day–something that I just recently figured out.

Let’s get started!

I Pinterested and Googled ‘How to get organized for college’ (or something like that) many, many times. I found some great ideas and ultimately complied my own system.

What I bought:

  • Large binder
  • Binder Folder for each class
  • Loose leaf paper
  • A notebook for each class
  • pens
  • pencils
  • highlighters
  • pencil pouch
  • white out
  • planner

Ok. So what did I do with all of that?

  1. I labeled each folder for each of my classes and put them in my binder. I liked the idea of having one large binder rather than 6 regular binders because I think that it is easier to carry around.
  2. I then labeled each notebook for each of my classes. I tried to color coordinate each subject. For example, for my Latin class, I used my purple notebook and my purple folder.
  3. Next, I printed out my schedule and put it on the inside of my binder so that I could access it very quickly.
  4. I took my loose notebook paper and put it in my binder behind the folders. I use the loose paper to take notes during class and then transfer the notes over to my class notebook after class. That way I am reviewing the material by writing it several times.
  5. Put all of your pens pencils, white out, highlighter, etc. into your pencil pouch to keep in your back pack.
  6. My planner. I love this part! Just make sure that you have one! It is essential. Get one that has a calendar view as well as a weekly view.

Now that you are ready for the first day of school, what do you do after you have had your first classes?

  1. Gather all of your syllabi into one spot. I highlight the ‘important info’ (Professor’s name/office hours, class title, class time). Usually, the professor will go over the syllabus on your first day. Take the opportunity to highlight important features in the class (homework is always due on this day OR always staple your homework in this corner). Make notes if you have questions and stay after class to ask your professor.
  2. Now that you have your syllabi, turn to the page that shows you all of the due dates. Choose a color pen for each class and start filling in all of your due dates on the calendar view of your planner. For example, my Latin class has a purple notebook and folder so I chose to use purple pen when writing in my assignments.
  3. I underlined each type of assignment differently. For regular homework, I didn’t underline. Quizzes: regular underline. Special assignments (research, etc.): squiggly underline. Exams: put a box around it. Every time I finish something, I cross it off.

That is what I did my first day of school. I felt much better because I had all of my due dates in one spot and don’t have to go searching through multiple papers to find out when something was due. Feel free to change anything to make it easier for you.

Part 2 will focus on scheduling individual days so that you get everything done on time. I hope that wasn’t too confusing:/

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1st Week of School: Defeated

Whew!! I feel like I just let out a huge breath. As you know, I started school on Monday. I LOVE IT!! I have an awesome schedule, amazing teachers, interesting classes, and a beautiful campus. It’s really pretty:) It is basically in the middle of a field. Kind of;) I will have to take pictures of it sometime for you.

I will say that I am already tired of carrying around my enormously heavy backpack and annoying lunchbox, but I can deal with that.

Let’s start this whole post with my history class. Hist 2050: Early American History. (Early, early. Meaning the whole Land-Bridge Theory, and the Aztecs and Incas.) Probably the best class I have ever taken. The teacher is funny and relatable. She is really good about making sure to not offend people with her views. She makes jokes as she is teaching and makes sure that we are ‘with her’. She gave us chapter notes so that we knew where she was in the chapter, and while she was teaching from the notes, she didn’t look at the notes and just read them straight forward. I don’t think she even used the notes at all. She would relate what she was talking about to current events, and she always has funny tidbits of knowledge. Did you know that Ohioans pronounce things…differently? For example: there is a Russia, Ohio. (I didn’t even know that existed!) But we don’t pronounce it like the country of Russia, no, we pronounce is ‘ROO- sha’. I just thought that was interesting. Here’s a question: where is the Bob Evans HQ located? And I will answer that tomorrow:)

My other classes are also very interesting, but I wanted to really highlight my history class since it is my favorite. I never thought I would ever say that sentence. I usually do not like history, at all. It is probably the atmosphere of the class that makes me like it, but I actually do like the material as well.


I picked up my glasses yesterday:) They are just for reading/writing/computer/HOMEWORK<the main reason the doctor prescribed them.

I tried taking a picture of me with them on, but the only pictures that turned out without a glare in the glasses or with half of my eyes covered up are these. I think they were weird-funny, so I figured I would put them up anyway. Trust me, I have about a million of me actually smiling, but you can’t see my eyes…so there was no point to it:)

Kaitlyn started taking picture after picture. This is me telling her to KNOCK IT OFF!

Kaitlyn started taking picture after picture. This is me telling her to KNOCK IT OFF!

unnamed (7)

And this is me being…me


So there you have it:) Talk to you tomorrow.






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