Model UN 2017

Good Saturday evening!

Last weekend, I had my Model UN convention. I think I said this, but I represented the Kingdom of Norway on the Committee on Narcotic Drugs. Last year, I was Spain on the Simulation Security Council. I wrote a post with some tips for Model UN delegates then too!

This year was just as amazing, if not more. We had 5 delegates on our team this year. There was only one other person, besides me, who had gone last year which means the other three were kind of lost for the first little bit. But, I have to be honest, I felt way out of my league too! The other delegates just knew so much and knew how to talk and write the position papers and negotiate.

I was able to actually write several clauses in a few papers, which was something I hadn’t done last year, so I was proud of that. But if I do it again, I know that I will research my country better. For example…I had been working on this one paper (in support of  the decriminalization of certain drugs, mainly for the decriminalization of women and girls who were forced into the drug trade through drug trafficking.) After about five hours of work on it, I was researching Norway’s views on a particular law, and realized that Norway wasn’t exactly in support of most of the paper…I had just thought that they were. I went with it, and made sure that I got some of our policy in there, but it wasn’t a very good feeling! Long story short, I’ll do better next time.

Clothes wise… I wore the same thing as last year:)

And we took our “traditional” (if it can be called that after only a few years) picture in front of the water wall.


That one is really blurry though…

So that’s it! I have another week of school ahead of me:)

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Purdue University: College Visit #7

Happy Tuesday to you all! I have been meaning to write this post for several days, and I am just now getting around to it:) A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned this, I visited my friend at Purdue. It was just supposed to be a “friend trip”, but…I ended up loving the school itself…for a lot of reasons, but most importantly, it seems to have almost everything I love about all my other schools. Before I looked into Purdue, I wished that I could find a school that had every aspect I was looking for, and in came Purdue.

Things I loved:

  1. Equestrian team
  2. Renowned biological sciences department
  3. Variety of biology majors
  4. Big school (it’s Big10)
  5. Quaint college town
  6. Football (and other sports)
  7. Close to Indianapolis (!)

Things I didn’t love:

  1. Not a big city like Indi or Columbus or Chicago

I really can’t think of things that I didn’t like about Purdue…if I think of anything, I’ll add it:)

Also a bonus but not completely reasons to go here:

  1. My friend Megan is a student
  2. My friend Heather is also applying (potential roommate…!!)
  3. The honors dorms are brand new and feel like a hotel 😀

I applied a now I just have to wait for a decision! Not sure when they come out though.

I had an amazing visit with Heather and Megan, and now I just miss them more:)



3 trees.jpg

We were in camp mode: no makeup, no doing hair 😀


And then I came home and had a fun visit with Aunt Emily and Phil and celebrating Noni’s birthday.

So I have applied to all the schools on my list: Purdue, Albion, BGSU, OSU, Wittenberg, Butler, Hope, UChicago. I decided to apply to UChicago because it does offer me a lot, and I liked the school when I visited. The only reason I didn’t want to apply at first was because I didn’t think I could get in with my ACT score–>which is NOT a good reason, ha ha.

In other college news, I’ve been accepted to Albion as well!!!! I couldn’t believe it when I got the letter. I actually got home from Purdue and found it in the mailbox. That is the best thing to come home to after a long, sleepy drive. Three decisions in, five more to go.

In A&P we are learning all of the muscles. We just finished all of the bones and bony landmarks/muscle and nervous tissue. Now we are onto the muscles and nerves and joints. In two weeks, we get to take a trip to the cadaver lab! My friend and I can’t wait for that.

It’s just another week of school–45 days to go!


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Just a quick update

Hello to everyone reading this:)

School has taken over my life once again.

It is a little bit crazy around here right now!

What were we doing...

What were we doing…


First day of school:)

I really enjoy my class schedule and professors this semester so even though it’s crazy, those are college classes for ya. And even though school is a big priority, I have been able to spend time with my counselor friends (who are another big priority) several weekends since school started. We have had great times hiking, eating food, playing Apples to Apples, and talking at various people’s homes.

It has been a fantastic senior year so far, in large part because of the time I get to spend with them. Camp people are special people<3

This coming weekend, I have the opportunity to visit my Ann Arbor friend on Friday. On Saturday we are going to a college visit together. After the visit we are driving down to Columbus for yet another camp party:) I think this is the most I have seen camp people outside of camp, ever. Pretty soon though we won’t see each other quite as much as life has a way of living. So we are taking every opportunity we can now.

I am still enjoying riding lessons and volunteering in the ER. I hope to start piano lessons again this week after summer break. I am also trying to spend as much time with family as I can. My school year life has begun–busy, stressful, exciting–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Michigan…and Michigan

Hi all! These past two weeks have been very busy for me with not a lot of time at home. First, I traveled up to Ann Arbor to visit a couple of my CILT girls. We worked on a lot of CILT work, and we feel like we got a lot done. We both finished all three of our lesson plans for the activities we are going to be teaching. My activities are outdoor cooking, hiking, and survival skills. It was a lot of work to plan activities, bible verses, rainy day activities, and prep materials for each day, but we made it through–thank goodness we were doing it together!

I spent three days up there, and we were basically working non-stop on CILT. If we weren’t working then we were talking about camp:) Can you tell that we are a bit obsessed? (In a good way!) We also took a shopping trip to Walmart to stock up on “counselor things.” We went a bit crazy with the yummy candles and fun pens.

A trip to Walmart with friends is always fun, but this time I was driving. Which would have been fine, if I had known the roads. Something different in big cities that I am not used to is the fact that lots of driving is done on the highway, just to do basic errands. Has anyone heard of “weave lanes?” They are things of evil! Basically what happened was I exited, but I exited right onto another lane of traffic that was exiting as well from another highway. Instead of just merging together, everyone had to switch lanes with each other. It was kind of crazy, but it worked. These are probably a lot easier than I am making them sound, but even my people who live up in Michigan say that they are really dangerous and hard to do.

Google images “weave lanes”

I also ran into a round about. I have seen them before, but I just think that they are more trouble than they are worth. That’s all:)

I also had my Camp Med up in Michigan this past weekend. I had probably the best time of my life. The camp was focused on Cardiology so we had a lot of hands on labs, including a dissection and practice with EKGs! We had class lectures as well because this was a 1 credit college class, technically. We stayed in the dorms and ate in the dining hall. In between class, we were able to scope out campus. The faculty was amazing and the camp leaders (also faculty) were so kind in showing us around campus and answering our many questions about the college. I fell in love with the college, so it is definitely high on my list, as well as their equestrian competition teams. Currently, I ride Western, but I really want to learn English. They have both teams, but I would love to compete hunt seat. So I talked to my riding instructor, and she agreed to start teaching me some showmanship and start teaching me hunt seat. The horse I ride does almost everything…including cross rails!!!!!! I am just so excited right now:) And I am excited about something other than school, so that feels good 😀

I have just a couple more weeks to complete my CILT work so that I can graduate and become a counselor! I am terrified, but also out of my mind excited. My camp director just sent us our “assignments”. I am going to be counseling the “Pilgrims”–3rd and 4th grade girls. They are the best:)

Now I am off to CILT work and volunteer in the E.R. this afternoon! Have a great day!

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Delicious Fish Marinade…and Such

Good Monday afternoon! I don’t know about you, but my morning started slowly and then WHAM it got crazy. I took my first Chem exam this afternoon. I think I did pretty well…I usually say that, and then I don’t do well:) I felt confident about it though.

Finally, this afternoon I can just sit back and relax and do homework. (I don’t think that sentence should ever be written again. Somehow relax and homework don’t work together.)

Anyway, I have a wonderful fish marinade recipe to give you and then some things that are coming up this week!

It is super, super simple! Yay! Right?

Combine: (to taste)

Olive oil
Fresh lemon juice
Garlic powder

Marinate it (the fish). Grill it. Enjoy it!


Tonight, my youth group is going to see the new movie War Room. Have you heard of it? It sounds pretty good. I will let you know what I think;)

This weekend, some of my CILT girls are coming to spend the weekend with me. We have tried for a long time to put a party together, and it has been all talk. Finally, two of us said, “you know what? Be here at this time.” Guess what? It worked!

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Ahhh, Fair Days

Hi guys! I had a pretty great day today. I spent most of the day with Jennifer and her in-laws at the country fair. Remember how her husband’s family raises cows and steer and all the kids show them at fair? Well. This is fair week and they are all basically living in the barn.

Mom and I were just going to see a few shows and visit with her for a bit. Yeah, that turned into me staying all day. It was great. I loved it so much!! I like being around all the cousins and the rest of the family.

They got there at 5:30 this morning and are probably just leaving now at 11:00. Those people are crazy! But this is what they worked all year for…so it’s worth it.

I also hung out with a couple of my friends who will be going to school with me this year:) Speaking of school, I will have to run up there tomorrow. I still have to get a book that the bookstore people say I don’t need, but online in the bookstore it says I need it. I hope I don’t have to argue too much with them about it:)

School is four days away. It doesn’t even feel real yet! It probably won’t until my first class.

See you guys!

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End of School and SUMMER

School, technically, ended last Wednesday. I still have a few things I need to get done: French, Lit, and history.

Overall, this should be a relaxing summer and I am already enjoying it very much! I took a lot of pictures with people for lots of great memories as this is my last year at my school after 11 years. *Sniff* 🙁

As Wednesday was the last day of school, our P.E. teacher, Coach, set up an outstanding field day themed ‘Down on the Farm’. She asked me to man the ‘Pig Out’ table. And of course…once the students were all finished I just had to try it! So I asked one of the teachers, going by the name Genevieve Elizabeth o’Shinseki (just for the blog!) to face me.

unnamed (8)

On your marks…get set…





And the result

And the result
















Don’t mind our hair…in any of these pictures…

Noni came to watch the events. We had a wonderful time! unnamed (24) 

Me, Mom, Noni, Kaitlyn

Me, Mom, Noni, Kaitlyn











This is our friend, Katy. She is going to public school next year so we won’t see her every day, but we still will see each other at church on Sundays! unnamed (29)






These next two pictures are with Miss Horner and Coach. Miss Horner is another teacher at school (3rd and 4th grade). I had her as my 1st grade teacher. I will miss both of them tremendously.

Miss Horner

Miss Horner














And finally…my beloved Chemistry teacher (she is the RRT that I followed.)









So now you have faces to put with names! As to this summer, I am taking my driving road test on Wednesday! Pray that I pass the first time!!

I have summer camp later this summer, our VA trip with Noni in June, just swimming with friends and reading. OF COURSE, tons of CILT work to do before camp, but that’s fun…right?

Yesterday was the first day of the yoga challenge. Is anyone signed up to do it? I got the first email yesterday. I’ll post about that soon as well. Tell me about your summer plans.

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Presidential Physical Fitness Test…and more

So I finally took the test that I have been preparing for! Just as a refresher…in order to receive the Presidential award (as a 16 year old) you must do 1 pull-up, 45 sit ups in a minute, run the shuttle run in 10.1 seconds, run a mile in 8:33, sit and reach– 42 cm (that’s about halfway to the end of the box in the picture). Yesterday, we did the pull ups, sit and reach, sit ups, and shuttle run. I met all the requirement except for the sit and reach. I will have to redo it tomorrow when we run the mile. But, so far I am very excited that I have been able to meet the highest requirements.

On Monday, I received an email from my online writing school, the Circe Institute. A few weeks ago, I entered their annual essay contest. My age group, ages 16-18, had to write on the issue ‘whether Achilleus should have returned to battle’ from the book the Iliad. I decided to write my essay on ‘Achilleus should have returned to battle’. Well, I came in third place! I was really surprised. Not that this is the only reason that I am excited…but that can go on my college resume too!

Also, yesterday, I talked to my friend, and she told me that she is going to the same university branch that I am next year! We went to school together from Kindergarten to the 5th grade, then she went to public school. I never thought that we would go to school together again. Happy times!!

What have you all been doing?

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I didn’t have much going on this weekend. Have any of you heard of the new Cinderella movie? Apparently Cousin Rose from Downton Abbey plays Cinderella. So for any of you Downton fans…:) It is now my favorite out of four movies; my other favorites being Letters to Juliet, Into the Woods, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and of course Cinderella. Anyway, I loved this version of the fairy tale. It was very original while still staying with the story line. You will just have to go and watch it! Let me know what you think:)

On Saturday morning, my mom and I met some old friends at a coffee shop close to our house. The daughter is my age (finally!!!) and will be doing the College Credit Plus program with me next year. She has been home schooled all the way through. We are both excited to have someone we know in the SAME grade going to the SAME school. Can you even fathom the idea? Ha, ha! Now you know just how pathetic my life is:D No…but yeah!

Later that day, I had a French lesson with my grandma. J’ai quelquefois mal a la tete de francais But it was still fun. My mom picked me up, and we went and sat with my Aunt, cousin, and Noni at a golf course restaurant. They had already eaten so we just talked for a bit before going to her house for more talking! And of course Trivia Crack. Guys! I am on the last episode of Psych! It will be a sad day when I finish it!

Sunday morning, we went to church. That afternoon, I had a ‘nap feeling’ and decided to lie down. But like every other time I try to sleep in the afternoon I just stayed there for awhile and then got up because I was bored:) I managed to take a picture for you. It is a skill that I am slowly developing. It will get there:) Sorry, if I had taken more pictures the post might be more exciting for you.

Way to tired for anything but this:)

Way to tired for anything but this:)








We headed on over to Noni’s house so that I could submit some online work. Yes, I stayed in my yoga pants and long sleeve tee all day. It was heavenly:)

Well, that’s it. Not a very exciting post, but I have more in store for you this week. Stay tuned!

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