Just another week in the life…

A new day, a new week, a new month. It’s already February 2017. I feel like I will be saying this every single month this year…it’s just crazy to me.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for my Model UN convention!!! I’ve been preparing for this for several months so I am ready to get together with the other delegates from the other schools to start thinking about and “resolving” world issues. And, of course, I love the whole dressing up and acting all professional part…pictures to come:)

This past Sunday, I had one of my last piano recitals:( We had a good time though.


Other than that, it has been a normal week of school: eat, study, sleep, repeat. I’m getting closer and closer to graduation. T-minus 13 weeks.

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Fall Break

This past weekend was my fall break. Ahhh, the perks of college:) But what made this extra special was a visit from my grandma who lives in Idaho. She came to our house on Friday and left yesterday. We had a wonderful time with her, but, as always, she left too soon:)

On Saturday, my mom usually has her bible study at a local coffee shop, but this week no one showed up except for her so Kaitlyn, my grandma, and I went with her, and we had a very interesting conversation. We talked about the essentials of salvation compared to what it important for growth in your salvation compared to what is incorrect. We used a list of various beliefs that I got from a course I am going through for CILT. I enjoyed it.

My dad got home on Sunday, and we had a relaxed afternoon of sitting and talking and reading ending up with pizza.

Then on Monday, Grandma wanted to visit my campus and I had a guidance appointment so we headed up to a diner near campus to grab lunch. I showed Grandma and my family around to my classrooms and different parts of campus. Then I scheduled my classes!

*I am so excited about my classes next semester–Political Science, Biology II w/ lab, College Algebra, University (a career search class), GSW (a writing class), as well as Latin and another writing class (my online classes). I will be extremely busy next semester and I do not look forward to Algebra…but it is a good mix of classes.*

Anyway, after our ‘campus tour’ we headed home and over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for dinner and our mini piano recital. We played a few songs for Grandma (from Idaho) including a fun duet between Grandma (not from Idaho :D) and me. Kaitlyn got to play an organ piece for her. Tuesday, Grandma came to school for lunch before leaving for her flight.

This morning, I got up early and went to the high school to take the PSAT. I met the guidance counselor at his office and he walked me back to the field house where the exam was being proctored. It was slightly awkward to be there, but it was alright. I think I did OK on the Reading and Writing, but I do not think I did well at all on the two math sections. UGH! Oh well…the only thing that I have to gain from a good score on this is the National Merit Scholarship. OK, that is a big something to gain, but the scores don’t go to colleges. 🙂

This week is flying by, and so far I am keeping up!! Have a good week.

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