Life Flies By

Happy late Friday night! Well, I am FINISHED with my classes. I have finished high school. Eep!! I took my last final (Econ, bleh) yesterday *I had a window seat, and it was raining, and the curtain was open, and it was great* I think my finals went pretty well, but I will get all of my grades by next Wednesday.

I can’t even put into words how happy I am to be done with this part of my schooling career. Just…well…15 more years minimum. >4 years undergrad (at Albion College!), 4 years of med school, 5 years of general surgery residency, and 2 years of pediatric surgery fellowship< That’s my plan for now at least.

So here’s a picture from the beginning of finals week…


If I look exhausted…it’s because I was

And a picture from the end of finals…




This morning, I was super lazy and watched TV all morning before I had to venture out into the down pour to go volunteer at the hospital. But it’s okay because I haven’t done that (well at least guilt free) for awhile. Starting Monday, I have A LOT to do, at least it feels that way.

Let’s see…finish Albion placement tests, schedule out some blog posts and *hopefully* get some written, clean my room, organize all my school stuff from the last four years, clean out my clothes and see what I need to get, make a college supply list…

Okay, okay that’s not all happening on Monday, thank goodness. But I do feel like I need to get it all down on paper and really organize it in my mind to see what I need to get done this summer. I am also really excited to be able to workout consistently now that school is done. That should feel good.

Even though I have finished my classes, I have to wait until June 3rd to graduate. Oh! That brings a whole other list of things I have to work on: plan decorations for grad party, find dress for graduation, plan food for party, finish learning my piano pieces for my senior recital.

So yes, I will probably be just as busy if not more than when I was in school, but I love, love, love this kind of stuff so I am ready to get started!! Also, it has been raining almost nonstop for the last two days and is supposed to keep raining the entire weekend. IT’S PERFECT!!!

Also (final “also”, I promise), I wanted to say congratulations to my cousin who graduated from college today!! (Even though he doesn’t read this:D)

Have a safe weekend, friends <3


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Happy Easter Monday!

I hope all your Easters were fabulous. We had a really great day with family yesterday. It was a full house:) On top of the family and food, the weather was fantastic. 70 degrees, sunny, breezy. And then it rained last night. The ultimately perfect day.


See that gorgeous sunlight?


all three of us


happy Easter all!


I’ve got a crazy week ahead of me, but I was happy to have a nice weekend.

He is risen!!

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Fun Weekend Ahead

Hello all! First off, I am loving this weather today. Rainy and close to 50 degrees outside (I just made that number up…I have no idea, but it feels like it!!) We had a lot of rain last night and a lot of wind. Just the kind of weather I like to fall asleep to:p However, I do wish that we would get snow, it being February and all.

Anyway, this weekend (Thursday-Saturday) is my Model UN convention! It snuck up on all of us, our faculty advisor included, and I think we all kind of wish we had more time to prepare, but I feel ready to go. I’m also really nervous! But that’s okay because I am more excited:)

I had my first Bio exam on Monday. I think I did alright on it. No one in my class is really confident about it…maybe we all just did a lot better than we think?! *Wishful thinking*


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A Special Visitor

Hello! This week is almost over, and that means that camp is almost here.

Like I said, on Tuesday I held a fun game day at school. I had about 10 kids show up, and we had a great time. We managed to get several games (including two water games) played before we had to pack up and move indoors due to rain. We then played some indoor games. The kids were crazy, but they had a good time:)

My cousin, Rachel, got married a few weeks ago in Idaho. We weren’t able to go to the wedding, though. Her husband is starting graduate school in New York in the fall so they are making the long, cross country trek from Idaho to New York. They stopped to see us on their way!!! We haven’t seen her for about 8 years. We met at Panera Bread and talked for a few hours. I really wish we could see them more:( Both of them were really nice, and I had a great time.

My grandma put on a theater organ concert today. She made it very fun and interactive. She looked like she was really having fun while playing:) I am always a wreck when I have to perform anything, but she just makes it look so easy.

It rained a ton here today. The pond across from our house has risen above the fishing deck and over its banks. I kind of hope that it won’t rain this much for camp because of our campfires and such, but on the other hand (again!) I like it to rain.

I guess that is all I have for today. I am signing off now for about two weeks until camp is over. I will undoubtedly have plenty of stories then. See ya later!

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July 4th Weekend

Happy Monday! Did you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend? I did, for most of it:)

On Friday, my mom and I spent all day at the racetrack near our house. (It is a fundraiser for the school.) We got there at 8am and did not leave until 10pm. We were ushers for their national racing event. Then on Saturday we were there from 8am until 3pm. We got very sunburned, and we were very sore. Please explain to me why people spend $50plus to see cars race down a 1/4 mile track time after time after time.

Anyway…:) On Saturday, after the ushering, we headed on down to one of our family friend’s house. They have a beautiful house down near Ashland, set in the woods, landscaping, relaxing. We ate dinner there (always tons of food!) and then drove over to the Ashland balloon fest. The balloon there are very neat to watch. We just stayed to see the balloons rise into the air, and then we went back to their house. We made a fire, made s’mores, and set off fireworks. He accidentally bought mostly smoker fireworks, but we also had poppers, sparklers, and some other kind of popper.

On Sunday, we went to church and then relaxed the rest of the day. We watched the final Hobbit movie. It is good, if you know the story, then you should watch those and the Lord of the Rings movies! But I also recommend reading the book first.

Tomorrow, I have a fun game day planned at the school. I am inviting incoming, current, and past students from my school to come and play games and eat snacks with me. I have to teach a number of games from my game file for CILT, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Speaking of camp, I get to go off to camp next week! This time next week, I will be in Bible Ex (Bible Exploration time) with my cabin, probably with my stomach growling, ‘It’s time for lunch!!!’ This is the part of the summer that I wait for every year.

This week, we are going to clean out our room. Get rid of lots of clothes, just put our mattresses on the floor, get rid of a bunch of junk, make it nicer in there.

I have some work to do to get ready for tomorrow and for camp, but I think I will get outside today. My garden really needs to be weeded and watered. I don’t know about where you live, but for the past several weeks it has rained so much, and then about the middle of last week, it just stopped. Now I have to water, and water, and water:) Oh, well.


What did you do for your weekend? Anything special?


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Wonderful Wednesday #2

I’m back for another Wonderful Wednesday. You can find Wonderful Wednesday #1 here. You can find the Wonderful Wednesday page here!

Could not capture the gorgeousness...

Could not capture the gorgeousness…

#1: The weather. Today, at least, I love the weather! It is rainy and windy and overcast. The perfect day!

My good boy;)

My good boy;)




#2: My dog. He was riding in the car with us yesterday and all of a sudden I look over and see his head sticking between the passenger and driver’s seats. He is my baby:)





SO relaxing

SO relaxing

#3: Yoga. Corpse pose is the best. It is not an active pose, but that’s ok! I can relax so much and push all of the stress away! If you need to crack your back, lay on the floor and let yourself melt into the floor. Take a deep breath and let it go. That always works for me when I feel my back start to tighten.



#4:Psych TV show. I just finished the last episode. There were tears in my eyes! I loved it so much! They actually had a good ending episode. I don’t want it to be over though:(


unnamed (28)#5: Flutes. I recently joined a flute choir in my town. My grandma is in it with me so I don’t feel so intimidated by all the amazing flutists:)







That is all for this post! I have a yummy recipe coming up hopefully tomorrow:) 30 second warm-up breakfast anyone?? See you tomorrow…

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You can't see how much there really is in the picture, but you can see the cloudy sky. This is my kind of weather!

You can’t see how much fog there really is in the picture, but you can see the cloudy sky. This is my kind of weather!

And here is the post I promised you this morning! Today has been a crazy day. Yesterday it rained. IT RAINED. I absolutely positively love rain. It washed a lot of the snow away. Yay! But, it brought in a fog that is still here. I am very surprised by how much has stayed for so long. In fact, we had a two hour delay today because of the fog. Usually when that happens, the fog is gone by the time we go to school. It is still here after lunch! I love it though. It is very cozy. I even opened my window last night. The weather is perfect right now: rainy, cool, not snowing.

Yesterday, I really wanted to get outside and run. It was raining, but I decided to run anyway. I do love to run in the rain, again…I love anything in the rain. In my opinion, running on a treadmill is so much easier than running outside. I got tired much quicker than I did on the treadmill a few days ago. I didn’t know how long I wanted to run so I did a quick warm-up, stretched, and was on my way. I didn’t last long. By the time I got out there, the fog was thick (I could see though) but it was not really raining. It made it really hard to ‘run breath’. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Ha, ha. Maybe I just made that term up. I really like this weather though and wanted to stay out longer, but I went back home. Then my dog, Coal, decided he wanted to go with me. He stared at me with those almond brown eyes and wagged his tail hopefully. I gave in. I took him out with me to go for another run. He loved it:)

Question for you all: what do you do about shin splint? I have them. 🙂 I have gotten them before so I am almost completely sure that this is what I have, but I never know what to do about them. Do I just have to let them heal? Am I supposed to not run until they do?

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday!!! Last night, my mom and sister and I went to a doTerra essential oils class at one of our friend’s house (I babysit for them a lot). It was really fun. We got to smell a lot of oil- we all felt really good afterwards:)- and eat some yummy brownies. She put wild orange oil in one batch, lavender in another, and peppermint in the last one. She soaked apple slices in water that had a few drops OnGuard oil in it. At first, I didn’t want to try the apples, but I really like them now.

I got a sample of OnGuard toothpaste too. Side track here…OnGuard oil is an oil that builds the immune system and protects against getting sick. And back on track…I thought it sounded really gross. I don’t like the smell of the oil by itself. But when the hostess said that it whitens teeth, I was all on board:) I tried it this morning, and it isn’t bad. I am waiting to see if it will whiten my teeth too!

Hopefully i can write a post of the last several days of the 30 day challenge soon. And that is about it! I don’t have much else to catch up on with you. Have a great rest of the day.

Question: Do you like running on the treadmill or outside better?

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