Just another week in the life…

A new day, a new week, a new month. It’s already February 2017. I feel like I will be saying this every single month this year…it’s just crazy to me.

Tomorrow, I will be leaving for my Model UN convention!!! I’ve been preparing for this for several months so I am ready to get together with the other delegates from the other schools to start thinking about and “resolving” world issues. And, of course, I love the whole dressing up and acting all professional part…pictures to come:)

This past Sunday, I had one of my last piano recitals:( We had a good time though.


Other than that, it has been a normal week of school: eat, study, sleep, repeat. I’m getting closer and closer to graduation. T-minus 13 weeks.

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Purdue University: College Visit #7

Happy Tuesday to you all! I have been meaning to write this post for several days, and I am just now getting around to it:) A few weeks ago, I think I mentioned this, I visited my friend at Purdue. It was just supposed to be a “friend trip”, but…I ended up loving the school itself…for a lot of reasons, but most importantly, it seems to have almost everything I love about all my other schools. Before I looked into Purdue, I wished that I could find a school that had every aspect I was looking for, and in came Purdue.

Things I loved:

  1. Equestrian team
  2. Renowned biological sciences department
  3. Variety of biology majors
  4. Big school (it’s Big10)
  5. Quaint college town
  6. Football (and other sports)
  7. Close to Indianapolis (!)

Things I didn’t love:

  1. Not a big city like Indi or Columbus or Chicago

I really can’t think of things that I didn’t like about Purdue…if I think of anything, I’ll add it:)

Also a bonus but not completely reasons to go here:

  1. My friend Megan is a student
  2. My friend Heather is also applying (potential roommate…!!)
  3. The honors dorms are brand new and feel like a hotel 😀

I applied a now I just have to wait for a decision! Not sure when they come out though.

I had an amazing visit with Heather and Megan, and now I just miss them more:)



3 trees.jpg

We were in camp mode: no makeup, no doing hair 😀


And then I came home and had a fun visit with Aunt Emily and Phil and celebrating Noni’s birthday.

So I have applied to all the schools on my list: Purdue, Albion, BGSU, OSU, Wittenberg, Butler, Hope, UChicago. I decided to apply to UChicago because it does offer me a lot, and I liked the school when I visited. The only reason I didn’t want to apply at first was because I didn’t think I could get in with my ACT score–>which is NOT a good reason, ha ha.

In other college news, I’ve been accepted to Albion as well!!!! I couldn’t believe it when I got the letter. I actually got home from Purdue and found it in the mailbox. That is the best thing to come home to after a long, sleepy drive. Three decisions in, five more to go.

In A&P we are learning all of the muscles. We just finished all of the bones and bony landmarks/muscle and nervous tissue. Now we are onto the muscles and nerves and joints. In two weeks, we get to take a trip to the cadaver lab! My friend and I can’t wait for that.

It’s just another week of school–45 days to go!


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1st Week of School: Defeated

Whew!! I feel like I just let out a huge breath. As you know, I started school on Monday. I LOVE IT!! I have an awesome schedule, amazing teachers, interesting classes, and a beautiful campus. It’s really pretty:) It is basically in the middle of a field. Kind of;) I will have to take pictures of it sometime for you.

I will say that I am already tired of carrying around my enormously heavy backpack and annoying lunchbox, but I can deal with that.

Let’s start this whole post with my history class. Hist 2050: Early American History. (Early, early. Meaning the whole Land-Bridge Theory, and the Aztecs and Incas.) Probably the best class I have ever taken. The teacher is funny and relatable. She is really good about making sure to not offend people with her views. She makes jokes as she is teaching and makes sure that we are ‘with her’. She gave us chapter notes so that we knew where she was in the chapter, and while she was teaching from the notes, she didn’t look at the notes and just read them straight forward. I don’t think she even used the notes at all. She would relate what she was talking about to current events, and she always has funny tidbits of knowledge. Did you know that Ohioans pronounce things…differently? For example: there is a Russia, Ohio. (I didn’t even know that existed!) But we don’t pronounce it like the country of Russia, no, we pronounce is ‘ROO- sha’. I just thought that was interesting. Here’s a question: where is the Bob Evans HQ located? And I will answer that tomorrow:)

My other classes are also very interesting, but I wanted to really highlight my history class since it is my favorite. I never thought I would ever say that sentence. I usually do not like history, at all. It is probably the atmosphere of the class that makes me like it, but I actually do like the material as well.


I picked up my glasses yesterday:) They are just for reading/writing/computer/HOMEWORK<the main reason the doctor prescribed them.

I tried taking a picture of me with them on, but the only pictures that turned out without a glare in the glasses or with half of my eyes covered up are these. I think they were weird-funny, so I figured I would put them up anyway. Trust me, I have about a million of me actually smiling, but you can’t see my eyes…so there was no point to it:)

Kaitlyn started taking picture after picture. This is me telling her to KNOCK IT OFF!

Kaitlyn started taking picture after picture. This is me telling her to KNOCK IT OFF!

unnamed (7)

And this is me being…me


So there you have it:) Talk to you tomorrow.






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