CCP- Senioritis

First of all, I changed my site tagline from “high school senior” to “college freshman”. !!!! So if you’re reading this in your email then head on over to the actual website and check it out! (It’s the little things that make me happy.)


 1. A supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.

2. A crippling disease that strikes high school seniors. Symptoms include: laziness, an over-excessive wearing of track pants, old athletic shirts, sweatpants, athletic shorts, and sweatshirts. Also features a lack of studying, repeated absences, and a generally dismissive attitude. The only known cure is a phenomenon known as Graduation. -Urban Dictionary


Senioritis is real. Even for good students. And it is awful. However, I am convinced that something similar happens to everyone at the end of the school year. The difference here (I am sure that is is worse for college seniors) is that seniors are at the end of something. They don’t have next year to come back to. They have something new coming, huge changes, they get to/have to leave. And that’s hard for most people. They have been working HARD for the past 4 years to get into “that” college or get “that” job, and now that they are accepted to “that” college. Do the last few months of senior year even matter?? It is hard to find motivation to finish out the school year when it has hardly any impact on their future plans. Cue the Pinterest and Instagram..


And then once we realize the quotes aren’t really helping we decide to open our books to study.

HA actually that’s not how it works.

Once we finally close that Pinterest app, we probably go and annoy our friends/family or whatever unfortunate soul happens to be around us by complaining about all of the work we have to do. Once they banish us from their presence, this is where the tears come in. Or the chocolate. OR BOTH.

If we ever finally sit down with our work, we’ll probably proceed to make at least 10 to-do lists about the things that we have to do and two separate count downs to the end of the year. Now, to outsiders, this may look like we are being productive and organized. Au contraire. This is the oldest trick in the book for a procrastinator, which all seniors seem to be.

Once we realize that there are no more to-do lists to be made *gasp* we’ll tackle that first (and probably easiest) item on our list. After finishing that, we’ll think “YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON. YOU DESERVE MORE CHOCOLATE AND A NICE LOOONNG BREAK FROM THE WORK THAT YOU JUST CONQUERED.” When, in reality, we just set out our notes and made our desk look pretty and took a picture of it all.

Okay, okay this may (or may not) be an exaggeration of the events that actually take place during one’s senior year. But now that I have lived through this (that makes it sound like the worst thing ever, which I’m sure it’s not:D) I have a few tips to give soon-to-be seniors.

  1. Get the “Forest” app for studying. It works wonders. You basically set a timer for how long you want to study. If you close out of the app, you get a dead tree. But if you stay in the app for the entire time, you get a healthy tree added to your forest. They also have white rain sounds (city, rainforest, etc.) for you to use. *Tip- don’t answer phone calls because it will kill your tree:D* You can also set a “break timer” so that you can get in that Pinterest time in order that you don’t go crazy. This was the biggest way for me to stay focused during finals week.
  2. Take study breaks to exercise or eat (good food). Don’t try to eat while studying. You’ll just get distracted, trust me.
  3. When you’re hard core studying, don’t listen to music that you could sing along with. Keep the throw-back songs (:D) for when you’re just copying notes or making flashcards. Pandora has study music stations. I’m sure youtube and Spotify do as well. Or use a white-noise app. (OR THE FOREST APP). My favorite way to study though is with The Strive Studies on YouTube. Go check her out,. It’s amazing how helpful it can be to “study with another person”.
  4. Enjoy life. You only get high school senior year once. Go to homecoming and prom. Go see your last sports games. Hang out with friends and do absolutely nothing or go out for a fancy-ish dinner on Saturday night. Eat pizza. Wear sweatpants to school. This is your last year.
  5. But do say no to some fun things. If you know that you have a big test the next day, don’t go out with friends that particular night/don’t watch the newest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.

Everyone is going to find ways that work for them. But you have to work to find those ways. My biggest tip for any student is this: TREAT EVERY TEST OR HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT LIKE IT MATTERS TO YOUR FINAL GRADE. Because it really does. The first test at the beginning of the semester will set the tone for the rest of the class. If you do well on it, you’ll give yourself a cushion for when the material becomes harder. Start each semester with a good work ethic, and you’ll do fine. But don’t slack just because the material is easy now, because (especially for you CCP students) it will get 10x harder within the next week. Trust me.

Okay, longer post than normal, but those are some of my thoughts on senioritis. It can be a challenging time for most people, it definitely was for me. Please, please, please don’t beat yourself up about it. This goes for you straight-A students. Don’t feel like you’re a failure for not wanting to do the work anymore. But even if you don’t want to do it, do it anyway.

The last few months of senior year still matter. Your college gets to see your final transcript.  Show them that you are the student they think you are. Work hard, and then enjoy your summer. Time does pass. Before you know it, you’ll be graduated and at college. Don’t waste senior year complaining about it. Enjoy it.

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Just the Beginning

Today I had my first cadaver lab! It was one of the best experiences I have had in school so far. I am starting to feel like a pre-med student!

Speaking of pre-med…I scheduled my classes for next semester:

*Anatomy & physiology II

=12 credit hours

I am excited to be taking ALL math and science. However, I had previously told myself that I would NOT take a math class in the spring OR an 8am class…I am taking both of those (A&P is the 8am).

I know it will be a heavy load, but I’m ready for it, and it could always be worse! And this is just the beginning of my many years of science classes 😀

(Oh, and it’s raining. So cadaver lab + scheduling classes + rainy night=perfect day.)


Cuddle in and enjoy your night! I’m off to watch Dancing With the Stars<3

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Just a quick update

Hello to everyone reading this:)

School has taken over my life once again.

It is a little bit crazy around here right now!

What were we doing...

What were we doing…


First day of school:)

I really enjoy my class schedule and professors this semester so even though it’s crazy, those are college classes for ya. And even though school is a big priority, I have been able to spend time with my counselor friends (who are another big priority) several weekends since school started. We have had great times hiking, eating food, playing Apples to Apples, and talking at various people’s homes.

It has been a fantastic senior year so far, in large part because of the time I get to spend with them. Camp people are special people<3

This coming weekend, I have the opportunity to visit my Ann Arbor friend on Friday. On Saturday we are going to a college visit together. After the visit we are driving down to Columbus for yet another camp party:) I think this is the most I have seen camp people outside of camp, ever. Pretty soon though we won’t see each other quite as much as life has a way of living. So we are taking every opportunity we can now.

I am still enjoying riding lessons and volunteering in the ER. I hope to start piano lessons again this week after summer break. I am also trying to spend as much time with family as I can. My school year life has begun–busy, stressful, exciting–and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Fun Weekend Ahead

Hello all! First off, I am loving this weather today. Rainy and close to 50 degrees outside (I just made that number up…I have no idea, but it feels like it!!) We had a lot of rain last night and a lot of wind. Just the kind of weather I like to fall asleep to:p However, I do wish that we would get snow, it being February and all.

Anyway, this weekend (Thursday-Saturday) is my Model UN convention! It snuck up on all of us, our faculty advisor included, and I think we all kind of wish we had more time to prepare, but I feel ready to go. I’m also really nervous! But that’s okay because I am more excited:)

I had my first Bio exam on Monday. I think I did alright on it. No one in my class is really confident about it…maybe we all just did a lot better than we think?! *Wishful thinking*


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CCP- Don’t Underestimate

Hello to all my CCPers out there.

Well, this is my 2nd week of school, already complete! Already, this semester is harder and busier than last semester! I’ll get right to the point: please, please, please DO NOT underestimate how much work you will have taking college courses. For me, last semester was fairly easy. Granted, I did have some moments that I melted into a sad little puddle, but the work load was only slightly heavy.

But this semester?? No way. I was lulled into a false sense of security going into Spring semester. (Am I saying ‘semester way too much? :D)

This term, 3/7 of classes don’t have homework, just exams over a ton of information every several weeks. The rest have weekly homework submissions, which means they are in depth and require a bit of research. The classes without homework are actually hard because of that because it is up to me to keep up with studying even though I don’t have anything to really study for yet.

Now, I am not complaining at all because I actually do love the workload that I have right now. But I want to warn those of you who aren’t mentally prepared for this! Remember, these final grades that you get never go away. These are the grades that colleges, med schools, law schools, etc. will see when you apply to them. So be prepared to be swamped.

Going along with that…don’t overburden yourself with extracurricular things. Choose the activities that you are truly interested in.

In my case, I have a volunteer position (almost), I have an academic activity, and a physical activity as my primary things to put on that resume, among other small things.

I am going to start volunteering soon at a hospital near my town, I participate in Model UN with my college, and I take horse lessons. Along with music and the occasional run. That is just something to think about when you are deciding what ‘extras’ to do. Think about what you are interested in and then think how you can get involved in good ‘college resume type’ activities. But again, colleges are always looking for unique people with unique experiences so don’t try to shove yourself into a box just for college.

And my last tip for today: find a good study space. … outside of school or your house. At least for me, I can study at home or at school, but I am constantly distracted. When I’m at home I ‘have to go clean something or pay attention to the dog’. When I am at school ‘I really should be getting home before it gets dark, and I have to drive. Voila! in comes the hospital cafeteria:) My favorite study space is my town’s hospital café. For several reasons: the food (lol), the setting, and the pace. {Uhoh this sounds like a 3 point expository paragraph!!} Anyway, cheap, super yummy food. Ginormous windows with lots of natural light. And it is noisy but not that noisy, and it’s in a hospital!

My choice of words in that last paragraph weren’t the best, but you get my point. Find somewhere that you can really concentrate, and that you feel very comfortable to put in the long hours of studying.

So now that I am out of excuses…I had better get to my studying.


Well, off I go:)



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Ahhh, Fair Days

Hi guys! I had a pretty great day today. I spent most of the day with Jennifer and her in-laws at the country fair. Remember how her husband’s family raises cows and steer and all the kids show them at fair? Well. This is fair week and they are all basically living in the barn.

Mom and I were just going to see a few shows and visit with her for a bit. Yeah, that turned into me staying all day. It was great. I loved it so much!! I like being around all the cousins and the rest of the family.

They got there at 5:30 this morning and are probably just leaving now at 11:00. Those people are crazy! But this is what they worked all year for…so it’s worth it.

I also hung out with a couple of my friends who will be going to school with me this year:) Speaking of school, I will have to run up there tomorrow. I still have to get a book that the bookstore people say I don’t need, but online in the bookstore it says I need it. I hope I don’t have to argue too much with them about it:)

School is four days away. It doesn’t even feel real yet! It probably won’t until my first class.

See you guys!

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July 4th Weekend

Happy Monday! Did you all have a wonderful July 4th weekend? I did, for most of it:)

On Friday, my mom and I spent all day at the racetrack near our house. (It is a fundraiser for the school.) We got there at 8am and did not leave until 10pm. We were ushers for their national racing event. Then on Saturday we were there from 8am until 3pm. We got very sunburned, and we were very sore. Please explain to me why people spend $50plus to see cars race down a 1/4 mile track time after time after time.

Anyway…:) On Saturday, after the ushering, we headed on down to one of our family friend’s house. They have a beautiful house down near Ashland, set in the woods, landscaping, relaxing. We ate dinner there (always tons of food!) and then drove over to the Ashland balloon fest. The balloon there are very neat to watch. We just stayed to see the balloons rise into the air, and then we went back to their house. We made a fire, made s’mores, and set off fireworks. He accidentally bought mostly smoker fireworks, but we also had poppers, sparklers, and some other kind of popper.

On Sunday, we went to church and then relaxed the rest of the day. We watched the final Hobbit movie. It is good, if you know the story, then you should watch those and the Lord of the Rings movies! But I also recommend reading the book first.

Tomorrow, I have a fun game day planned at the school. I am inviting incoming, current, and past students from my school to come and play games and eat snacks with me. I have to teach a number of games from my game file for CILT, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it.

Speaking of camp, I get to go off to camp next week! This time next week, I will be in Bible Ex (Bible Exploration time) with my cabin, probably with my stomach growling, ‘It’s time for lunch!!!’ This is the part of the summer that I wait for every year.

This week, we are going to clean out our room. Get rid of lots of clothes, just put our mattresses on the floor, get rid of a bunch of junk, make it nicer in there.

I have some work to do to get ready for tomorrow and for camp, but I think I will get outside today. My garden really needs to be weeded and watered. I don’t know about where you live, but for the past several weeks it has rained so much, and then about the middle of last week, it just stopped. Now I have to water, and water, and water:) Oh, well.


What did you do for your weekend? Anything special?


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Take a breath?…HA.

Hello everyone after a very long week away:( I had such a busy week though, that I really didn’t have time for much other than school. Ok, just so I can keep my thoughts organized, I made a little ‘table of contents’ for you. I think this is going to be a long post.

•Driver’s Ed
•Flutes x2

On April 18th, my grandma took me down to the COFA flute convention in Columbus. We had a really fun day. She bought  me some new flute books and a flute necklace for my birthday. But…raise your hand if you know about Spring football games! I know most people know about them, but we didn’t. The traffic was horrendous! We found out later that 99,000 people attended the game. Crazy people! Oh well, I will remember it as the ‘crazy traffic flute trip’ now.


I turned 16 on April 20th!! I woke up to a giant balloon behind my bed. As a tradition, my mom always gets my sister and I a balloon for our birthday. She goes out to the store after we have gone to bed, and then she puts it on our bed so that we wake up to it:)

It is huge!

It is huge!

I got a few little presents from some people at my mom’s school. My friend got me a can of crushed pineapple, her nickname for me. :p One of the teachers gave me some socks and a game with a sweet card.

That night I started Driver’s Ed, so we didn’t really celebrate until yesterday.

But yesterday, we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum! When we got home, I wanted to open presents right away. So we did! I am beyond happy with what my family got for me.

I just found out what they were!

I just found out what they were! Scrubs!




'What does this do??'

‘What does this do??’

unnamedWGGEE9M8unnamed (20)









So yes. I got my first stethoscope, Taylor Hammer, and pair of scrubs. YES!! After presents, we had a Boston cream cake that Mom made. It was very delicious also. Maybe I can get the recipe to you sometimes this week…

Driver’s Ed

I started Driver’s Ed! Yay! But I am ready for it to be over:( But I know that I have to take it to get my license, so it is worth it. I go Monday through Wednesday from 5:00-9:00 for two weeks. This will be my last week. Then I have to schedule my drive time: 4- 2 hour blocks. THEN I can get m license.

Flutes x2

My grandma, a few teachers, a mom from school, a teacher’s daughter and I are playing together in a flute group for the school’s spring program. It will be fun and exciting and fun once we get it all together.


Well, that has been my life for the last week. I scheduled and SAT test for this Saturday. Nervous about that also!

I will talk to you all soon:)

How has your life been? What have you been up to?

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See you soon<3


I just needed to pop into your inboxes to say that I am taking a step back from the blog for this week. I have state testing and my schoolwork load is really heavy right now. I don’t want to just leave you hanging, so now you know!

I will see you soon!

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Update on Life

Good morning. Its Friday! This week has seemed very long, and all of a sudden its Friday. I feel like I have a lot to catch you up on about my week. Sorry that I didn’t post yesterday. I also didn’t get a workout in. On Wednesdays, I don’t plan on working out, I think I said that somewhere else too.

Yesterday, I had full intentions of getting a half mile in and 25-50 air squats like the challenge says. But I couldn’t do it. We didn’t get home until about 5:30 and I had to leave again at 5:50 because I had flute choir.

That’s another thing from my week! I joined a flute choir that my grandma is apart of. It isn’t very big. We had maybe six people yesterday, but we were missing about 5. So 11 people…approximately. I have so much fun. I love playing with other people in different parts. If I mess up, I know that the others will still sound amazing. 😀 Ha, ha. One of the ladies brought these beautiful crocheted necklaces yesterday for all of us. I chose one that is purple and silver and white. At first, they look beaded. They are just gorgeous. I will try to get a picture in here tomorrow maybe. Last week was my first week. Most people start on the normal flute, a C flute. There are also Alto flutes and bass flutes. There are some others that are not as common. Last week, I got to play the bass flute. This week I got to play the alto flute. They are so much fun to play. I did enjoy playing the alto flute more than the bass flute, though. It is easier to hold and easier to get the high notes out.

On Wednesday,  I took my ACT compass test, the admission test to get into the College Credit Plus program. It changed from the PSEOP to the College Credit Plus. There are a few changes but they are pretty boring unless you are thinking of doing the program. So if you want more info, I would be happy to help. email me at I passed! I scored high enough to not take a reading class. I scored high enough to get into the higher level writing. I scored ‘eh’ on math. Basically, I am taking a math class 1st semester to get me up to college level math. I think. Then the next semester will be Algebra 2. I think. I will find out more in May when I have my guidance session.

Ok, enough of my boring life facts:) I will have a nice workout tonight, get some pictures of interesting things for you, and get back to you tomorrow!

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