CCP- Some Tips for MUN Delegates

Now I know that my Model UN trip was a few weeks ago, but I wanted to write out the things that I want to do better while preparing for next time. Maybe these things will help a first time delegate. Now I have no idea how to really go about doing these things, but these are the things that I wish I would have known about before going. Here goes:

  1. Figure out a way to learn the language used in real resolution papers.
  2. Learn about the real life council of whatever council you are on.
  3. Study your country in depth. Know what countries they are friends with, which countries they don’t like, and who they don’t really care about. Learn your voting preferences. Learn to really represent your country and not vote how you personally would vote.
  4. Learn recent treaties, laws, etc. your country has signed.
  5. Know what committees your country is on. For example: Spain is on NATO which I didn’t know:) So when the other NATO countries said, “Spain can we talk to you? We’re having a NATO meeting over here.” I was clueless!
  6. Learn how to think on your feet so that you can continually be on the speakers list. If you don’t know how to change what you are going to say dependent on other speakers, then being on the speakers list will be hard.
  7. Learn how to write resolution papers.
  8. Learn how to come up with ideas for resolution papers.
  9. Know how your government communicates with the citizens–are the citizens valued when making decisions? Are the citizens supportive of the government?

So there you go! I was on Simulation Security Council so some of these points definitely are more geared toward SimSec, but I bet that they would be useful for other committees as well.

Good luck!



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