Take a breath?…HA.

Hello everyone after a very long week away:( I had such a busy week though, that I really didn’t have time for much other than school. Ok, just so I can keep my thoughts organized, I made a little ‘table of contents’ for you. I think this is going to be a long post.

•Driver’s Ed
•Flutes x2

On April 18th, my grandma took me down to the COFA flute convention in Columbus. We had a really fun day. She bought  me some new flute books and a flute necklace for my birthday. But…raise your hand if you know about Spring football games! I know most people know about them, but we didn’t. The traffic was horrendous! We found out later that 99,000 people attended the game. Crazy people! Oh well, I will remember it as the ‘crazy traffic flute trip’ now.


I turned 16 on April 20th!! I woke up to a giant balloon behind my bed. As a tradition, my mom always gets my sister and I a balloon for our birthday. She goes out to the store after we have gone to bed, and then she puts it on our bed so that we wake up to it:)

It is huge!

It is huge!

I got a few little presents from some people at my mom’s school. My friend got me a can of crushed pineapple, her nickname for me. :p One of the teachers gave me some socks and a game with a sweet card.

That night I started Driver’s Ed, so we didn’t really celebrate until yesterday.

But yesterday, we went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings. Yum! When we got home, I wanted to open presents right away. So we did! I am beyond happy with what my family got for me.

I just found out what they were!

I just found out what they were! Scrubs!




'What does this do??'

‘What does this do??’

unnamedWGGEE9M8unnamed (20)









So yes. I got my first stethoscope, Taylor Hammer, and pair of scrubs. YES!! After presents, we had a Boston cream cake that Mom made. It was very delicious also. Maybe I can get the recipe to you sometimes this week…

Driver’s Ed

I started Driver’s Ed! Yay! But I am ready for it to be over:( But I know that I have to take it to get my license, so it is worth it. I go Monday through Wednesday from 5:00-9:00 for two weeks. This will be my last week. Then I have to schedule my drive time: 4- 2 hour blocks. THEN I can get m license.

Flutes x2

My grandma, a few teachers, a mom from school, a teacher’s daughter and I are playing together in a flute group for the school’s spring program. It will be fun and exciting and fun once we get it all together.


Well, that has been my life for the last week. I scheduled and SAT test for this Saturday. Nervous about that also!

I will talk to you all soon:)

How has your life been? What have you been up to?

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