The NLE–My Latin Work Finally Paid Off!!

Good Wednesday to you all! I have something so exciting that I want to forgo another Wonderful Wednesday post.

How many of you know what the NLE is? It stands for the National Latin Exam. It is a 45 minute exam consisting of 40 questions. Anything from Latin grammar to Roman culture is game. The exam is pretty well known to colleges as being an accountable challenge. Having it on your transcript looks good, we’ll just put it that way. There are several different levels that you can take starting with the Intro level and going through level six.

I should probably explain about the scoring. Like I said, there are 40 questions. Your score is the number you got right. If you get all 40 questions right, you get a gold medal and a certificate for a perfect paper. The next level is gold, so you receive a gold medal. The next you receive a silver medal. Cum Laude level receive a certificate.

This is the scoring for the Latin I NLE for 2015.

**36-40 gold medal, summa cum laude ** 32-35 silver medal, maxima cum laude 
**30-31 magna cum laude                        **28-29 cum laude  **National average:  27

This year, I took level 1. My teacher announced the results from my school today! (I take Latin through the Lukeion Project, an online classroom. She announced the results from all of Lukeion’s Latin 1 students.)

I was really anxious because I didn’t think that I had done well. I started to count up the things I thought I got wrong in my head…I thought I missed at least three or four. So she started with the Cum Laude. I didn’t know if I should be happy or more nervous that my name wasn’t there. When she got to silver, she read the names and then flipped the page. I thought that she had gone to gold, and my stomach dropped. I didn’t see my name! When I realized that she was still on silver, my stomach flipped again:) She turned the page to gold…MY NAME WAS ON THE PAGE. I shrieked and did a little happy dance. I scored a 39 on the NLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got a gold medal! Oh my goodness, I still can’t believe it 😀 I honestly didn’t think that I did that well.

So anyway, that is my highlight of the week. I’m still doing little happy dances in my head.

Have you ever heard of the NLE? Have you taken it? What is your highlight this week?


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