The Thing About Cars

You see, the thing about cars is that, like most everything, when they work they are awesome, but when they don’t work they are a pain. Especially when they don’t work before class. In the rain.

Yesterday, after horse lessons, I got into my car to head to class, and Dad got into his car because he had to pick Kaitlyn up. Well, see, I tried to start it, and, well, it didn’t. It kept giving a grinding sound and would not start!! My stomach dropped.

We tried jumping it. No luck. So Dad had to drive me to my class. I made it just in time. Phew! After class, we put in new oil, but that didn’t help either. We tried jumping it again. Nope! By this time, it was about 7:30, dark, and rainy. We ended up having to call AAA to have it towed. At least I wasn’t on the side of the road and there was plenty of room in the driveway at the stables.

Now it is at the mechanic, hopefully being fixed so maybe I can get it back tomorrow? *Fingers crossed*

Well anyway, that was my day yesterday. LONG. But horse lessons were great! Cantering is the best, now that I am not scared for my life. 😀



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