Three weeks and 1 Day

Well, I have three more weeks of school. And I have less than 1 day until Spring Camp!!!!!!!! While the three weeks part is kind of giving me a nervous breakdown, I am ecstatic about heading out for Spring Camp this evening. Kaitlyn and I and our friend Katy are going, along with Katy’s younger brother and sister and two of their friends. This will be a very fun weekend:) And I get to see  a few of my CILTees and counselor friends. It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and since it is near the lake, that could mean a lot of snow…oh well. It’s camp, so everything is OK:)

Today I will be camped out at my grandparent’s house (as we are dog and house sitting for them for a few days) doing a bunch of homework that I should be doing over the weekend.

I had the weirdest moment last night…

Yesterday afternoon, I got a call from a student ambassador from a college that I will be applying to telling me about a preview day coming up and how they got my ACT/SAT scores and that my class can start applying right now. I got off the phone and I was doing a little happy dance in my head, maybe it wasn’t so much in my head, I don’t know. But I have a “class”. I’m going to college next year! Next summer will be the summer before I go to college. Okay, anyway, I was really surprised that I can apply there now and that someone called me to tell me those things. In fact, I think I told my mom right then and there that it was decided, I’m going to that school. Which it’s not, but it was really nice:D

So then we went over to Noni’s house and I started my application!!!! I wasn’t freaking out or anything, it wasn’t any special type of application, just like the ones that I have filled out before for different summer programs and such. Then I got down to the part where it said “Personal Statement”. I looked at Mom and said, “What do I even write for this?” And she said, “This is your college application.” Or something of that sort, and then it hit me that THIS IS MY FIRST COLLEGE APPLICATION THAT I HAVE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT EVER SINCE MY FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL.

WIN_20160408_08_51_46_ProSo, needless to say, I haven’t actually applied yet. I am going to get a meeting with one of my guidance counselors to help me get that personal statement started.

Anywho, I just wanted to share that moment that I had with ya’ll. I know I just wrote a lot of rambling, but it sort of fits me right now:)

Have a good weekend. Stay warm!

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