Tired Bones

Here is a post that I wrote about a week ago. I thought I would share it with you to give you encouragement.


Hey guys,

It has been about a week since I started my fitness journey. I didn’t exercise Wednesday or Thursday. I have already accepted that Wednesdays wont be a big workout day. We have bible study in the evening so we never go home. In fact, I go home with a friend right after school, and I don’t want to workout at her house! Thursday was all on me though. My mom’s school had a snow day so I wasn’t able to get to school to get any books to do my work. We went over to my grandma’s house and I sat around basically all day. I felt really lazy that day…yeah it wasn’t good. I worked out on Friday and Saturday though.


I haven’t done yoga since about Monday. I have a piece of advice for ya’ll. Always, always, always (or at least most of the time:)) do yoga right after your workout. I have felt the difference even after two days of yoga and then no yoga. My back and knees and chest have all felt off. My back cracks very often. Sometimes it cracks if I breath deeply or bend my knees. Yoga has loosened me up and now I cant stop! I am going to be doing some yoga today!!


Now for the real reason of this post. I AM TIRED. My bones, my mind, my skin is tired. I know that I cant stop doing this or I will feel worse. This morning I went down to the basement to grab my laundry and the basket was almost too heavy for me to carry up the stairs. In some ways this is a good feeling because I know it isn’t because I am lazy and sitting around all day. No, I have started to eat better and workout almost every day. But then again, I feel miserable. Today in church, I stood up for the last song and I got stuck (almost) half way up. My upper back seized up and my head started to swim. It brings up the question: am I doing too much? Am I actually hurting my body more than benefitting it? I don’t know. Maybe it is just that I am stressed about school. I also think that some of this has to do with a virus of some sort. I just feel drained.


Whatever the reason, I know I am not going to stop. I know that in some way I am benefitting my body. I will just drink more water, and eat more fruit vegetables and protein. If anyone has any tips for me, remember that I am not a professional AT ALL. This is just trial and error. I believe in what I am doing and how I am doing it. For me, that is enough.


What I am trying to say here, is that if this is happening to you, its happening to me too. You aren’t the only one. Haha, now please tell me that some one reading this has gone through this too because I feel like I am the only one.


I guess that’s it. Please comment with questions or advice. I want to hear it all!



Here’s an update on that: I do feel much better. I am pretty sure that I felt better the very next day! So its ok to feel like that. It will pass! I wanted to share that with you to remind you of how little I know. Of how ignorant I am in the ways of fitness. 🙂

Today I did a nice little 30 minute workout. I did a ten minute full body workout and then a 20 minute yoga session. I am probably going to do something tonight and then work on my flexibility. You can expect some yummy Whole30 and not Whole30 recipes coming soon!


Questions: have you felt this way? What did you do to feel better? Are you feeling like this right now?



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