Virginia: Day 2

Day 1 was yesterday, but I didn’t call it that:) But its day 2 today, and we had a fantastic and relaxing day.

We didn’t really know what we were going to do today since our ‘main events’ are tomorrow and Sunday. (More on that tomorrow!) Noni searched things to do around us, and she found a really neat lavender farm. We decided to go, and it was a great decision.

First of all, our location is gorgeous. We are in the hills in Virginia. Right in the middle of them. Then the farm had an even better view of the hills along with lavender plants (of course) and farm animals and just beautiful landscaping.

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Once we got there, we looked around the gift shop. They had cute soaps and beauty products and even edible goods. I tasted lavender tea, balsamic dressing, and olive oil!

The owner of the farm offered a free demonstration on the home, microwave distilling process of lavender. It took seven minutes to do this. Apparently, the University of Oregon (I think…some university in Oregon.) has made a home distilling unit that goes in the microwave and produces essential oil plus hydrosol. About 90 grams of botanicals gives you maybe 3-4 cups of the hydrosol and about 10 mL of the actual concentrated oil. We learned that lavender hydrosol is a great face wash. It helps with acne and just clarifying your skin all around.

The beaker that separates the hydrosol from the oil.

The beaker that separates the hydrosol from the oil.


We paid for the guided tour next. The owner told us all about how to plant the lavender, what conditions is needs, the distilling process on a large scale, and drying the lavender. At the very end, we were able to pick some stalks of lavender to take home.

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The farm also had livestock: horses and goats and rabbits and sheep and alpaca and chicken and ducks.

That's my leg! It was so close to us.

That’s my leg! It was so close to us.



My mom loved it:)

My mom loved it:)

A few other fun things they had:

a labyrinth. She said that it calms you and helps you think clearly about big decisions.


and a duck pond. Lots of trees and benches. A waterfall fed the pond at one end.

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We had such a great time:)

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SO therefor, we had a very fun first full day here in Virginia. More tomorrow!

How many have tried essential oils? Home distilling?

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